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Brand: Norpro Model: TN1020
Welcome to your everyday bowls.  You'll use them almost every day. It's the little things that make your kitchen efficient and pleasant.  Like having enough mixing bowls.  If you're like us, you never seem to have enough mixing bowls.  The ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1489
It's really frustrating to over-bake cookies or a cake.  With this, no more burnt cookies. It's a timer on a rope that you set and forget.  It's the freedom timer.This is the handiest gizmo ever.  Set it, put it around your neck, and forget it.  Go work in the yard.&..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1215
You'll use this classy knife often, whenever you need detailed and precise cutting and slicing. It's ideal for chopping herbs, small vegetables, and is great for slicing cheese.Smaller size means better control and more precision. Attractive, classy green color. Chop, mince, and slice pre..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1023
These are beautiful, functional, and environmentally kind.Use them or display them--your bamboo bowls will be as functional as they are elegant. The bowls are perfect for mixing cakes, pancakes, waffles, and crepe batters. They are also wonderful for serving. We think you will loves these b..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN5901
From donuts to fudge, your family will love what you make!This style of thermometer has been around for a million years.  It's proven, it's simple, and it works.  A glance tells you how hot your candy or oil is.  It's the only candy and deep frying thermom..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1214
We love this knife! Cut everything from breads to roasts. Heavy duty construction with a wonderful heft and balance. Stainless molybdenum vanadium steel. Full tang construction.  Comfortable ergonomic handles. ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3899
This baking sheet set offers all you need to create batches with ease.Baking set includes nonstick baking sheet, silicone mat and cooling rack.Nonstick baking sheet is 19.25" x 12" x 1"/49cm x 30.5cm x 2.5cm.  Inside: 16.75" x 11.25" x .75"/42.5cm x 28.5cm x 2cm.Red silicone mat is..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN930
It's not fair!   Omelets should not be this easy.  A ten-year old can make omelets with this pan.  It's quick and healthy and they're good."I prefer a traditional omelet turned in a pan and just a bit crusty.  That works on the weekends.  This is a weekday, I-don't-hav..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN5569
No more tepid nasty coffee!Most coffee warmers don’t work very well.Remember the McDonald’s lawsuit where a customer dropped hot coffee in her lap? The mug warmer guys took note and ratcheted down their wattage. Most cup warmers just don't have enough wattage to keep things warm.This one..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3579
These are the racks that we use everyday in our test kitchen!You don't have to hunt around for two or three racks; you can get twice as many cookies on these racks.  Besides, these do a better job. These racks are 12 1/2 x 18-inches.  Its easier to space your bak..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN3245
This is how to make crazy good biscuits, scones, and pies!How does it work and why does it matter?The secret to great biscuits, scones and pie crusts is ice cold butter. You want little layers of cold butter in your dough when it hits the oven.  If the butter melts--turns ..
Brand: Norpro Model: TN1483
This chicken will keep your food and goodies from burning!And it will look good on your counter.  It's cute and useful.  It has a nice loud ring, is easy to operate, and will run for 60 minutes.  It's about 3 1/2 inches tall. Times up to 60 minutes.Large e..
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