Seriously Fudgy Brownie Mix - Just Add Water
These are 10-star brownies. This mix made the best brownies I've ever eaten. They are just right fudgy brownies--old-fashioned brownies like you remember. These are quick and easy brownies to make. We guarantee that these are good. Dense, fudgy, chewy...
Square Cupcake and Muffin Pan
Look what you can make when you're square! When everyone else is doing round, do square. Put regular round liners in square holes and get square cupcakes or muffins . . . or dinner rolls or cornbread or brownies or...
Uncle Bob's Extra Moist and Fudgy Brownie Mix
How to make much better brownies than those from the grocery store! Could these extra moist and fudgy brownies be that much better? What makes them better? It's always the ingredients. These are made with a ton of cocoa, really...
Old Time Chocolate Chip Blondie Mix.
These blondies are better than brownies! Everyone likes their brownies dense and moist and chewy. These are just as moist and chewy and dense--but they're made chocolate pieces in a caramel cookie. And it's chocolate, not cocoa--premium, smooth chocolate. Chocolate...
Chocolate Caramel Nut Blondie Mix
What a great collaboration of flavors: Walnuts and caramel and chocolate! These are warm and gooey like your favorite brownie but chewy and caramel-like. The chocolate is complementary, not dominating. We think you and your family will love these. Dense...
Butterscotch Nut Blondie Mix
$8.79 $6.29
Butterscotch Nut Blondie Mix
These are very, very good blondie bar cookies! Our customers who tried them during testing loved them. They are loaded with very good chips and have a very nice melding of warm flavors and just the right crunch. We think...
$8.79 $6.29
Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Mix
These are serious raspberry chip brownies! Economical: no oil or eggs required and they make a 9 x 13 pan full of thick brownies. Extra large mix: Each mix weighs 2 pounds--about twice the size of many store mixes. This...
Southern Style Thick and Chewy Brownies With Pecans
They are delicious and easy. Just add water, mix and bake. They are over an inch thick. If you want a thick, very chocolate brownie with lots of pecans, try these. The eggs are in the mix so these are...
Southern Style Thick & Chewy Brownies.
They are delicious and easy. Just add water, mix, and bake. They are over an inch thick and very chocolatey, not overly sweet. If you want a thick, very chocolate brownie, try these. The eggs are in the mix so...
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