Ends Wednesday! Buttermilk White Bread Mix (See how to make fancy French toast.)
This is good old-fashioned homemade bread with a splash of buttermilk. Buttermilk gives bread just a splash of tang. It's still mild, not sour like sourdough, but just enough to take away the bland. It's mild enough that the kids...
$4.39 $3.49
Country Farm White Bread Mix (See how to make clam chowder)
This is our bestselling sandwich bread. Learn why. It's light and soft and fluffy.  It's as good as homemade bread gets and yet it holds together so it's great for sandwiches. Everyone likes it.  Even the kids. But what's the...
Pioneer Potato White Bread Mix (How to make perfect French toast)
What makes a potato bread--this bread--so good? Potato flour adds a mild, tangy flavor to bread, almost like sourdough. This bread is not intensely flavored like San Francisco sourdough--more like the gentle sour taste of Europen country breads. Potato flour...
Sally Lunn Bread Machine Mix.
If you like soft, white bread but want something different, give this bread a try. Sally Lunn was a pastry baker in old Bath, England, in the 1680's. She ran a refreshment house there in Bath and served this light,...
Sour Cream Onion Gourmet Bread Mix for Machine or Oven
"Seriously, a great loaf of bread!"  Made with real sour cream.  This works as a formal bread for dinner, a great sandwich bread, or wonderful rolls. This is another great savory bread for sandwiches or for dinner.  It makes wonderful...
Sour Cream White Gourmet Bread Machine Mix
Serve this sour cream white bread to family and friends to make any occasion a special occasion. We worked hard to make this fancy bread mix just right.  We went through dozens of trials to get the perfect balance of...
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