Large Dough Press (Scroll down to see what you can make)
Look what you can make with a dough press! You can make meals, desserts, and snacks. You can make little pies, calzones, piroshki, and pocket sandwiches.  There are so many fun things you can fill them with. For the crust...
Pizza & Pastry Roller (with How to Make Thin Crust Pizzas)
How to make thin-crust pizzas! Look what you can make! Pizzas like you've never dreamed of! You'll need a pizza roller. This one works great. You'll need pizza crusts that you can make in minutes. Then you'll need sauces and...
6 inch Wax Paper Squares, 250pcs
These waxed paper squares are a great kitchen invention. They are not just for burgers.  We use them to freeze pancakes and stick between bread slices so they don't stick together. Pull one or two out and stick them in...
$8.49 $5.99
Bread Slicing Guide
$31.49 $25.49
Bread Slicing Guide
Use this cutting aid to slice even, professional-looking slices, either thick or thin. You put so much work into your breads, why not make them look nice with neat, uniform slices? Cut nice, even slices for toast, dinner, or sandwiches....
$31.49 $25.49
Strawberry, Mushroom, and Egg Slicer (See this 15-minute strawberry pie)
Cut your prep time in half. Make better-looking, professional desserts. We use these slicers in our test kitchen all the time. We cut strawberries, mushrooms, eggs, and olives. It's much faster than using a knife and very attractive. Cut clean...
Flour and Powdered Sugar Shaker
We keep two of these handy in our cupboard--one for flour and one for powdered sugar. We reach for one or the other often. We dust pastries and desserts with powdered sugar to make them pretty and professional-looking and dust...
Nonstick Parchment Baking Paper (See the hacks for perfect cookies)
Once you've used parchment paper, you'll never go back to greasing pans. It's cleaner, simpler, and your baking is better. Cookies are particular little creatures! If you have too much grease on your pan, they spread too much. With parchment...
$6.59 $4.59
Burger Buddy Burger Press (See how to make better burgers plus 9 stuffed burger ideas)
Why are these better burgers? You want a burger that holds together, doesn't break up in your pan or when you try to eat it. You want a burger that is tender and juicy and cooked just right. A Burger...
Stovetop Salt and Pepper Shakers
The sign of a great cook is to have everything within reach. Dedicate these to your stovetop and save a few steps every time you cook. What makes these shakers perfect for the stovetop is their large capacity and their...
$9.99 $7.99
Professional Bread Pan 9 x 5 inch (See tips for storing bread)
Use this professional pan for better bread! The right pan makes a difference! Use this heavy-gauge pan to make better bread. The dark, heavy metal conducts heat evenly into the center of the bread for even baking. The beautiful non-stick...
$12.69 $9.49
Silver Dollar Pancake Ring
$7.99 $5.99
Silver Dollar Pancake Ring
It's not just cute silver dollar pancakes, it's omelets, brownies, and more! Built-in handles. Silicone is high heat resistant to 450¡F/235¡C. FDA approved and nonstick. Easy to clean. Oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Dollar pancakes are so fun! But they...
$7.99 $5.99
CDN Professional Baker's Insta-Read Kitchen Thermometer (How to get your bread right every time)
"The Baker's Secret Weapon" is Your Guarantee Against Most Bread Failures If your bread's not quite right, it's likely the temperature. People think they can guess what 80 degrees feels like (what you need for your bread machine). They can't....
The Perfect Pie Crust Shield
No more burnt edges. No more soggy bottoms. "I use a pie shield with each pie that I bake. I routinely slip a shield over the crust every time a pie or crust goes in the oven. Measures 10 inches...
9 in Round Parchment Liner
Don't cut round circles with scissors. This is the quick, inexpensive solution. Drop in precut circles. Measures: 9" / 23cm 25 rounds per package Cut to fit various pan sizes or just place in the bottom of pan and let...
75 Gold Swirl Standard Baking Cups and Paper Liners
Here's your baking cups for standard-sized muffins and cupcakes! These are attractive gold swirl baking cups that will work perfectly for you. These paper liners will work in all standard muffin pans for cupcakes and muffins.
100 Gold Swirl Mini Baking Cups and Paper Liners
Here's your baking cups to make mini muffins and mini cupcakes! Baking cups for mini muffin pans and for mini cupcakes are hard to find. These are attractive gold swirl paper liner cups that will work perfectly for you. Baking...
Nonstick Deluxe Donut Pan
$28.69 $24.19
Nonstick Deluxe Donut Pan
Go crazy! Make donuts any day! Donuts that are just as good, half the trouble, and a whole bunch better for you! If you can make muffins, you can make donuts--in the oven! Make healthy donuts the easy way and...
$28.69 $24.19
Anodized Aluminum Pizza Crisper 16 inch
Turn soggy crusts into crispy crusts! This works when you make a pizza. It works when you reheat leftover pizza. It's perfect for thin-crust pizzas. No more messy stone cleanup No more soggy crusts No more waiting to heat up...
Kitchen Thermometer
Kitchen Thermometer
A good thermometer is the baker's secret weapon! Because you cannot bake properly without a good thermometer, we rate this one of the top ten most useful kitchen tools! In our test kitchen, we use a thermometer all the time!...
Norpro 2 Cup Funnel Pitcher
Pour Perfect Precision Pancakes, Muffins, and more Measure what you need Pour without dripping. It's got a thousand uses. Even something like pouring salt in a salt shaker. Get one for the garage. Your husband will love you. Pour liquids,...
48 Jumbo Baking Cups and Paper Liners
At last! Baking cups to make jumbo muffins and cupcakes! Baking cups for jumbo muffin pans and for jumbo cupcakes are hard to find. These pure white paper liners that will work perfectly for you.
My Favorite Spatula (Color Varies)
You'll find lots of uses for "My Favorite Spatula This is our favorite spatula for getting in tight places--like slipping cookies from a pan or dessert bars from a baking dish. There's nothing fancy about this spatula, it's just a...
Nonstick Bread Pan 10x4.5x3 inch
This is a heavy-duty, quality bread pan! This pan is designed for sandwich loaves. It's a little longer but a little narrower and works well for 1 1/2 pound loaves. The dark, heavy metal conducts heat evenly into the center...
Color Coded Flexible Cutting Board Set
This 3-color set protects against cross-contamination by using green for vegetables and fruits, yellow for seafood or poultry, and pink for red meats. They won't retain odors or dull knives and protects your countertops. They're lightweight and easy to use...
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