Buttermilk Pancake Mix (large 2 pound mix)
What makes these buttermilk pancakes so light and fluffy? These are lighter, fluffier pancakes. What makes them so? They have more buttermilk than most. They rise sooner and rise more than other pancakes. The batter starts to rise right in...
Texas Corn Cake Pancake Mix (Large 32 oz.)
These are the Johnny cakes of Rhode Island fame and popular in the South. They are pancakes with ground corn. You cook them on the griddle. They are light and fluffy but with a little more substance, making them a...
Raspberry Sour Cream Pancake Mix (Family Size 32 oz.)
What makes these so good? Why are they our bestselling pancakes? Easy to prepare. Just add water Light and fluffy pancakes Loaded with raspberry bits that melt on the griddle for splashes of crimson A bright raspberry flavor for intense...
Blueberry Sour Cream Pancake Mix (32 oz.)
See why these may possibly be the very best blueberry pancakes ever. Just add water Light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes Loaded with blueberry bits that melt on the griddle for splashes of color Deep wild berry flavor added for an...
Wild Strawberry Pancake Mix (32 oz mix)
Look at these strawberry pancakes! They taste as good as they look. They're incredible! They're loaded with real strawberry baking bits that give you a burst of sweet-tart berries in every bite.  But they're built like chocolate chips.  They melt...
Chocolate Crepe Mix (32 oz.)
$8.79 $5.66
Chocolate Crepe Mix (32 oz.)
Make crepes as easy as pancakes! You'll love these classic crepes. Serve with any filling or toppings. This is surely the easy way to make crepes. Just add milk and eggs. These crepes mix up in a breeze. Just add...
$8.79 $5.66
Strawberry Peach Pancakes Mix (32 oz.)
Bring a little summer into your kitchen! Imagine sweet peach pancakes loaded with strawberry baking chips. The pancakes taste like ripe juicy peaches and the strawberries are the perfect complement. And they're as pretty as they are luscious. The strawberry...
Original Sweet Potato Just-Add-Water Pancake Mix, 32 oz.
Sweet Potato Pancakes! They're delicious and yet they're made with real sweet potatoes. They're a pretty burnished gold color but light and fluffy like pancakes are supposed to be. Your kids will think they're great, even though they are better...
Family Size Classic Crepe Mix (32 oz) (See how to make crepes and blintzes)
It's an easy way to make crepes and blintzes. Just add milk and eggs. Serve with a filling, fruit, or as a main dish with meat and vegetables. Great for blintzes and torts. This is the crepe mix we use...
Classic Pannekoeken & German Pancake Mix (2 lb)
Make spectacular breakfasts in minutes and for practically nothing! Your family will love your breakfasts. You can fill them with fruit or fixings for dinner, but most people just add syrup and eat them like pancakes. And it only takes eleven minutes...
Mountain Berry Pancake Mix (32 oz.)
Just how good are these pancakes? These are special pancakes with a mixture of raspberry and blueberry bits and flavors. Their tart mountain berry flavors in a light, airy pancake are to die for.
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