Closeout! Cinnamon Roll Mix with Sweet Cream Vanilla Bean Frosting (2 lb 5 oz)
A California bakery contacted us and said, "Your cinnamon rolls are better than we can make from scratch"and negotiated an account to purchase mixes for their bakery. Reward your family or friends with these exceptional cinnamon rolls. You will find...
$13.99 $10.99
Extra Select Korintje Cassia Cinnamon 4 oz. (A Buyer's Guide to Cinnamon)
Nothing makes a magical difference in your baking like really good cinnamon! Great cinnamon, like great chocolate, will transform your baking. A good Korintje Cassia cinnamon will be spicy-sweet and smooth--not astringent with a chemical taste like some others. This...
$8.99 $5.39
Madagascar Vanilla Extract 2 oz
$16.99 $8.49
Madagascar Vanilla Extract 2 oz
Would you like to bake better for pennies a serving? Most recipes call for a teaspoon of vanilla. There are 48 teaspoons in a cup. Vanilla prices fluctuate but chances are, it's less than 50 cents a recipe. And a...
$16.99 $8.49
6 inch Wax Paper Squares, 250pcs
These waxed paper squares are a great kitchen invention. They are not just for burgers.  We use them to freeze pancakes and stick between bread slices so they don't stick together. Pull one or two out and stick them in...
$8.25 $5.99
Nonstick Parchment Baking Paper (See the hacks for perfect cookies)
Once you've used parchment paper, you'll never go back to greasing pans. It's cleaner, simpler, and your baking is better. Cookies are particular little creatures! If you have too much grease on your pan, they spread too much. With parchment...
$6.59 $4.59
Overstock! Vanilla Sugar Cookies - Frosting not Included (with instructions for painted cookies)
Perfect sugar cookies for holidays and events! This large-size mix makes 40 cookies depending on what size you choose to cut them Classic vanilla cookies with a touch of sour cream Premium vanilla, so they taste better These are our...
$5.99 $4.59
Pot & Pan Scraper (Colors May Vary)
Four specifically shaped edges easily clean inside corners of pots and pans. These nice pot and pan scrapers won't scratch your pans! These scrapers are a safe and easy way to clean baked on foods. Use on any pan, even...
Pure Milk Chocolate Chips 11 oz.
Are these the world's best milk chocolate chips? Product may melt due to weather conditions during shipping. The Prepared Pantry is not liable for melted chips. This is a European-type chocolate. Both the milk and dark chocolate chips are richer...
$5.99 $4.49
The Perfect Pie Crust Shield
$9.69 $6.99
The Perfect Pie Crust Shield
No more burnt edges. No more soggy bottoms. "I use a pie shield with each pie that I bake. I routinely slip a shield over the crust every time a pie or crust goes in the oven. Measures 10 inches...
$9.69 $6.99
Royal Icing Mix (includes How to Paint Cookies)
This is the icing that professional decorators use! Royal icing dries with a firm sheen. You can make fancy shapes with it for that special occasion cake or you can frost cookies for the perfect palette for painting fun cookies....
$7.59 $4.99
Closeout! Pumpkin Cream Buttermilk Syrup Mix
You'll love this pumpkin pancake syrup! You'll love this pumpkin pancake syrup! It's fantastic on pancakes and just as good on dessert! It works on everything from angel food cake to gingerbread to ice cream to French toast. It has...
$5.29 $3.29
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Closeout! Sweet Sensations Salted Caramel Premium Glossy Frosting 2 lb 4 oz tub
Fantastic! Like a fine caramel candy! It's a smooth, high gloss, frosting without a hint of powdered sugar. When we found this frosting, we were blown away by how good it was. When we started serving it in the store, folks were...
$13.99 $8.99
Luck of the Irish PPJimmies
$5.99 $3.14
Luck of the Irish PPJimmies
Decorate cookies, cakes, and more with these fun PPJimmies! You get nearly one cup of sprinkles in a five-ounce shaker bottle! Add a colorful splash to the items you decorate with these jimmies.  Use on cakes, cookies, brownies, donuts, or anything...
$5.99 $3.14
Gourmet Sri Lanka Ceylon Cinnamon 3 oz
Discover the gentle, complex flavors of a fine Ceylon cinnamon. You put a lot of time, effort, and money into your baking; don't scrimp on the ingredients. That is especially true with cinnamon and chocolate. We guarantee that you will...
$11.59 $6.99
Pannekoeken Pan
$28.99 $24.99
Pannekoeken Pan
Make super simple breakfasts in about 15 minutes and for practically nothing! Your family will absolutely love your breakfasts You can fill them with fruit or fixings for dinner but most people just add syrup and eat them like pancakes....
$28.99 $24.99
Deluxe Quick Release Cookie and Ice Cream Scoop Medium
This isn't just an ice cream scoop--it's essential for cookies! It's what we use in our test kitchen to make perfect cookies about 2 1/2 inches. The only way your cookies will bake evenly is if they are the same...
$20.99 $17.99
Closeout! Gourmet Sri Lanka Ceylon Cinnamon 1/2 cup
Discover the gentle, complex flavors of a fine Ceylon cinnamon. You put a lot of time, effort, and money into your baking; don't scrimp on the ingredients. That is especially true with cinnamon and chocolate. We guarantee that you will...
$10.39 $7.99
Closeout! Stainless Steel Pumpkin Screen Attachment For Norpro 1991 Sauce Master II
Attachment for Norpro 1991 Sauce Master II This stainless steel pumpkin screen is the ideal attachment for the Norpro 1991 Sauce Master II for making pies and preserving. Its coarse 1/8" mesh screen is perfect for straining pumpkin and squash.
$24.35 $11.54
Closeout! Grape Spiral for Norpro 1991 Sauce Master II
Grape Spiral for Sauce Master II This grape spiral is an accessory/attachment for Norpro Item# 1991 Sauce Master II. It is a durable 5-1/4" plastic auger. Use with standard screen in place of standard spiral for easier release of thick...
$13.52 $6.50
Pioneer Valley Gourmet Cherry Syrup
What can you do with cherry syrup? Of course, you can put it on pancakes and waffles.  But that's just the start.  Here are more: Put it on your ice cream. It works as a dessert sauce. Use it in...
$9.00 $6.49
Ramstadt Medium Dark Cocoa (France) 16 oz
This astonishing cocoa will get you compliments! It's a really good cocoa, a terrific, Dutch-processed cocoa imported from France with two times the cocoa butter. It is used by the best bakers and pastry chefs in Europe. It is finer...
$13.69 $9.49
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