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Double Chocolate Fudgy Cookie Mix

Best ever! Made with the very best cocoa plus chocolate chips.

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  • How good are they? I think they're better than brownies. And every reviewer gave them five stars. One called them "glorious."
  • Is anything better than brownies?  The cocoa is better than any brownie you've ever eaten. And they're with lots of good chocolate chips."
  • What makes the cocoa so good? It's good cocoa, but it has three times the cocoa butter of store-bought cocoa. Really good cocoa has really high cocoa butter.
  • Are they easy? Yep, if you have a stand-type mixer, hit the button. They're old-fashioned drop cookies. You add an egg and butter.
  • How many cookies do they make? Lots, this is a big mix. It will make 24 to 30 cookies.
  • What do you do with the extras? If you have extras, freeze them.  Make them fresh again with a trip to the microwave. You can also freeze the dough if you rather do so.


This is our bestselling double chocolate cookie. It's made with fine chocolate and tastes like it--a deep chocolate experience!

We spent years searching for the best cocoa. When we had one to test, we would always take it to the test kitchen. We made brownies and hot chocolate and tested them against other cocoas. We finally settled on three cocoas.  No one beats those three cocoas. 


double chocolate cookies

    These are the best double chocolate cookies we have found. They have lots of ooey, gooey chocolate in a sightly crisp chocolate cookie--made with the very best French cocoa we could find.

    "Double chocolate cookies--like eating a yummy brownie in the form of a cookie. I added pecans to make them perfect."--Sherry Becker-Chavez 

    "They were really good. Will order more. thank you."  nicole clemente

    "Best double chocolate cookie ever! All of the products from this company are fantastic. I've never had a bad item."  Kathi Sharp 

    If you want to make your family happy, make these cookies. If they are not absolutely happy, we'll give you your money back.

    —Featured Review—

    "Yummy, chocolate goodness. I found this mix to be easy to mix. The cookies were so full of glorious chocolate flavor. I love my chocolate, and these cookies made me very happy!"--Sharyn Ueckert

    Customer Reviews

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    Really Really good

    These are chocolatey and delicious!!

    Jenny Heckathorn
    It's a Family Favorite!

    Delightful any time you need a chocolate fix and super easy to make!

    Tonya Hunt
    Yummy cookie

    These cookies have a rich chocolate flavor which our family loves

    Candy Haines

    I made these cookies for my team for cookies and cocoa day and all great reviews!

    Carmen R Martinez

    Wonderful chocolate lovers delight cookie!