The Importance of Using a Scoop for Cookies

The Importance of Using a Scoop for Cookies

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver Apr 24, 2024

This scoop is the right size for most drop cookies

If you don't have a precision cookie scoop, you cannot get your cookies the same size! Without being the same size, they won't bake evenly.

"After comparing other cookie scoops at different retailers in the area, this was by far the best made. All metal parts/no plastic. This medium size is perfect for the average size cookie. Only frustration is that I should have purchased it long ago."--Rachel

The most important key to making great cookies is not to over-bake them. They should be golden on the bottom, not brown and an extra 15 seconds in the oven will make a difference. Use a timer with a second hand. (I use the timer on the microwave since it counts the seconds and then I put an Everywhere Timer on a cord around my neck so I'm not bound to the kitchen. I set the timer for one minute less to give me time to get to the kitchen.

But different-sized cookies bake at different times. If your cookies are not all the same size, some will take longer than others.

You can make remarkedly uniform cookies with a cookie scoop. They're round, they're the same size, and they all bake evenly.

Scoop the batter with the scoop. Then press and the scoop against the side of the bowl so the dough is compressed in the scoop and leveled off.

Congratulations, you have pretty, uniform cookies--all baked perfectly.

Additional Information: Try this traditional ice cream scoop with the quick press handle and the sure ice cream release. This ice cream scoop will get the job done well and is tough enough to last forever.

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