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Black Russian Pumpernickel Bread Mix

Make this with your bread machine, stand-type mixer, or by hand.

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Can I use this mix in my 1 pound capacity or 1.5 pound capacity bread machine?

We have designed our mixes specifically for 2 lb. capacity machines. However, you may still find success with 1.5 lb. capacity machines. You may expect to see the top of the loaf touch the lid of the machine towards the end of the baking cycle. This may lead to imperfect baking in that one spot on the loaf. The rest of the loaf should be fine. For 1 lb. bread machines, we recommend only running the bread on the dough cycle and then transfer the dough to a pan for baking in a conventional oven. See packaging for more info.

Why do the directions ask me to use a thermometer?

Yeast is very sensitive to heat and other environmental factors. We have tested and designed our mixes to find the sweet spot for yeast activity to get the best rise. Even just a few degrees off on water temperature can make a big impact on the quality of your bread. Measuring the temperature of your water accurately is the best way to ensure consistently successful bread baking.

I followed the directions exactly and I see had a problem with my bread? What can I do?

Sometimes bread issues happen. We are happy to help. Send us a picture of your bread and a picture of the back packaging of your bread mix to our customer support email at Include as much detail as possible about your baking process and bread machine model so we can troubleshoot the cause of the issue.

Should I adjust my mix for high altitudes?

We don't recommend making any changes to the mix for high altitudes. We have tested our mixes in a variety of locations and have fine tuned each mix to be the best product possible.

I don't have a bread machine or a stand-type mixer. Can I still make this bread in my oven?

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  • What makes black Russian pumpernickel bread black? It's the dark rye flour. Wheat doesn't grow well in the subarctic. This has some wheat flour but also dark rye flour and dark rye meal.  The Russians are rightfully proud of their bread.
  • Is black Russian bread healthier? The Russians believed that their bread made them sturdier, healthier people. It has 30% more iron and 50% more magnesium and potassium.
  • What does it taste like? You can taste the rye. It is definitely a pumpernickel, but I would call it a light rye.
  • Is it a crusty bread? It's crustier than a store bought bread but not with a heavy crust like a European sourdough.
  • What about the crumb? It's soft and moist and, of course, dark.
  • Can you toast it? I do. It makes a really fine, crusty toast. I've put jam and jelly on it, but it's perfect with honey.  We carry a star thistle honey, a dark honey that is perfect.
  • How does it compare to a big-city deli? It's perfect and authentic. There is a big-city restaurant chain with black bread; this is better.
  • So, is this good for sandwiches? It was meant for sandwiches. You can do anything that you can in a deli with this. Rueben sandwiches are perfect on black Russian. 

If you want to impress your friends, make meat and cheese sandwiches on this bread.

This is one of our most popular breads—on Amazon, it was our most popular. It's real bread, with a little substance. This is the bread I want if I'm looking for a meat sandwich.

Put this on your bucket list. It's an experience you don't want to miss.

Look what you can make with this extraordinary bread:


    homemade hamburger buns

    His and hers burgers: A Salsa Bread Burger and a Black Russian Burger


    How to Make Homemade Hamburger Buns

    You can make hamburger buns out of any bread mix.  We have nearly a hundred choices.  All of a sudden, burgers aren't ordinary. Explore and choose what you want. Don't get stuck in a rut.  Switch to something else. 

    And homemade bread is much, much better than store buns.  And they're not hard to make.

    A large bread mix will make 8 to 10 buns.  Freeze any leftovers and thaw them on the grill.

    1. Make the dough according to the package instructions. If you're mixing the dough in a bread machine, cycle 8 is the program for dough on most machines.
    2. Using a bench scraper or sharp knife, divide the dough into 8-10 equal pieces. 
    3. Form each piece into a ball by pulling the dough around the center and pinching the seam at the bottom of the roll. 
    4. Place each ball of dough onto a greased or parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Using the back of your hand, flatten each ball into a disc. Because the dough has a tendency to spring back, repeat this process after a few minutes. 
    5. Let these buns rise covered (preferably in a proofing bag) in a warm area until they double in size. If you have a cool kitchen, it will take an hour or more. When they have risen, bubbles begin to form under the dough skin. If blisters form, pop them with the point of a knife and hurry them to the oven.
    6. Bake at 350 degrees F for 15-18 minutes until the tops are golden. 
    7. Remove the buns from the baking sheet immediately, and let them cool on a wire rack. Once cooled, slice them in half, and now you’re ready to assemble some beautiful burgers!
    Hamburger Bun
    This is your chance to make homemade Russian bread. Don't miss it. You and your family will love it. Guaranteed.

    This black Russian pumpernickel bread is unique. It has a complex flavor--rye flour, rye meal, and ground caraway.  But a Rueben sandwich can match it, balancing flavor against flavor with sour kraut, corned beef, swiss cheese, and a touch of Thousand Island dressing. That's a lot of flavor in a sandwich. But it works.

    If you like strong flavors, you can pile them on, but in a balance, this sandwich is for you.  The combination of flavors is fantastic. Give it a try.

    • 2 slices of bread, thickly sliced
    • Thousand Island salad dressing
    • Swiss cheese, very thinly sliced
    • Deli-style corned beef, thinly sliced
    • sauerkraut
    • olive oil or melted butter



    Spread one side of each slice of bread with the Thousand Island dressing.  Place a layer of cheese on one slice of bread over the dressing, then corned beef, then sauerkraut, and then another layer of cheese.  Top with another slice of bread.  Brush the outside of the sandwich with olive oil or melted butter.

    Cook on the heated grill pan or griddle, with the cheese side down and topped with a panini press until it's crisp and crunchy.  If you are not using a panini press, turn the sandwich after one side is cooked.

    Baker’s note:  The cheese is placed next to the bread so that it will melt easily while grilling. 

    —Featured Review—

    This is one of the best bread mixes I have ever baked. It goes well as toast with butter, as well as with soups, and used for sandwiches with corned beef, swiss, and sauerkraut. -Pat Van Loo
    I grew up in Chicago with fabulous delis and bakeries. Now we're not homesick anymore.
    This is an excellent, moist bread with a warm, nutty flavor. It's reminiscent of the bread served at Outback Steakhouse restaurants. . . . We made it in our bread machine, and it worked flawlessly. -Tiana A

    Customer Reviews

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    Sylvia Jacobus
    Family favorite

    Thest best bread for grilled pastrami and cheese. Grand kids love it!

    my son's favorite

    he told me this was the best bread I've made so far! of course he has no idea it's a mix..

    Great Pumpernickel Bread Mix

    We purchased two Black Russian Pumpernickel Bread Mixes to try it out. We're over half way through the first loaf we made in our bread machine. It came out perfect. It has the texture and density we were hoping for, and great flavor and excellent moisture content. We had our first Maple & Brown Sugar Ham sandwiches with this bread,....most excellent. If you like a good "homestyle" pumpernickel bread you'll love this one. Highly recommend it.

    Beverly Sadilek
    Black Russian Pumpernickle

    Awesome taste. Smells as good as it tastes.

    Love pumpernickel bread

    I cannot believe how good the bread is. It looks like a slice of chocolate cake. I will definitely buy this bread mix again.....and again!