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Candied Ginger (12 oz)

Candied Ginger (12 oz)
Candied Ginger (12 oz)

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It's amazing what little pieces of ginger will bring to your cookies, cakes, and desserts! 

If the recipe calls for ginger, add candied ginger pieces.

You get a burst of flavor in every piece, a different taste experience than adding ground ginger.  But what it really seems to do is showcase the dominant flavor, make it more pronounced and exciting.
We're adding candied ginger to our favorite cookies, cakes, and desserts.  Consider it also in breads, scones, and muffins.  In our cookies, we use 1/3 to 2/3's cup in most recipes. 
  • Perfect size, little dices, with just the right amount of sugar to be pleasant but still deliver a tremendous taste
  • Tender, slightly chewy, and never hard
  • Premium crystallized candied ginger
  • Each large bag contains about 2 cups of candied ginger
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Recipes with candied ginger are just better than with ground ginger.  Take your baking to another level.  Make your best cookies and cakes yet.

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Add this to your cart and see what a difference candied ginger makes. 


This is the best candied ginger we have found!