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Gingered Pear Gourmet Cookie Mix

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  • erent class of cookie, neat and attractive with an incredible taste
  • Cookies to treasure, not just eat
  • Loaded with Lake County pears and sweet candied ginger pieces
  • Costs much less than bakery cookies
  • Makes 36 fabulous cookies


This is not just a cookie; it's an experience! This is a cookie that will change your day from ordinary to extraordinary. They're unforgettably good! 

Listen to what others say:

"My secret stash. I only make these when I know my family will be gone for a couple of days ..these are to be savored in small glorious bites alone with your hopes and dreams.. . . not gobbled down like heathens ( family).  Connie Steed  

"Oh my goodness! Just made these (3 dozen), and they are incredible! You can absolutely taste the pears, and the ginger accent is just perfect. I have said it before, but you cannot go wrong with The Prepared Pantry mixes!"
Janet Dankert

What makes them different? They're loaded with soft Lake Country pears and tiny candied ginger pieces. With ingredients like this, you would expect them to be extraordinary.

The pears bring a sweet orchard flavor to the cookies, mild with just the right intensity and sweetness. The little-candied ginger pieces add depth of flavor and sweetness, just enough warm spicy flavor to accent the sweet mellow flavor of the pears.

The melding of the flavors creates a sophisticated cookie, one that will impress your friends and family. We love them. We're impressed. And so will your friends.

Add these to your cart. Experience a delightfully different class of cookies!

We guarantee you'll like them.

"So delicious! I will never buy store-bought cookies again." Donna Thornton

"I made these at Christmas and I think they're my new favorite cookie. Delicious and wonderful chewy texture." Rita McNeil

Customer Reviews

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Lynn Blackwell

These are delightful!!! Perfect combination of goodness in a cookie!!
My favorite!!!!!

patricia shorter

Have not tried it yet


These products are can't-fail, delicious and easy. I am a dedicated repeat customer

Judith in the Pacific Northwest, USA
Very good

But the caramel-pear combination is still my favorite.

Kim Longhi

Gingered Pear Gourmet Cookie Mix