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Rum Raisin Oat Cookie Mix

SKU: C03-1
  • Better than your classic oatmeal raisin cookies
  • Crowd-pleasing, foolproof cookies
  • Makes up to 36 cookies
  • Just add butter and eggs!
  • Keep well, store well, ship well. Extras can be frozen


If you're looking for great old-fashioned cookies just like your grandparents used to make, these are the cookies for you!

These cookies have stood the test of time, and people still rave about them! These cookies have a hint of flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

"So delicious! I will never buy store-bought cookies again." Donna Thornton 

"Awesome cookies. These cookies make new friends. I love 'em."  Timothy Kraft

"The BEST oatmeal cookies ever! These are my husband's favorite cookies."  Janell

"These cookies are absolutely delicious. It was hard to stop eating them."  Marilyn

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Amy Alvis
Oatmeal heaven!

Cookies were great! My husband loved them. Perfect for traveling and gifts for others. I mean, who doesn’t like a good oatmeal cookie!?

sally blunck
best ever!!

I am really happy that you came up with this cookie! I have to have cookies in
my house at all times. For me and for my growing .

Olivia H
Favorite cookie

Great cookie! Add an ounce of real rum to give it that extra kick!

These made a fan out of me

I purchased this mix awhile back. I am usually not a big fan of raisins in baked goods. However, this recipe has changed my taste. These cookies are absolutely delicious. It was hard to stop eating them.

The BEST oatmeal cookies ever!

These are my husbands favorite cookies. Some of my Grandkids would eat the whole batch in 1 sitting if I let them.