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Sour Cream White Gourmet Bread Mix

Make this with your bread machine, stand-type mixer, or by hand.

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Serve this sour cream white bread to family and friends to make any occasion a special occasion.

We worked hard to make this fancy bread mix just right. We went through dozens of trials to get the perfect balance of ingredients. Only when our testers said it was perfect were we satisfied.

This bread is great for meals, snacks, and sandwiches. Sour cream makes this bread just a little richer than most. It is a very attractive loaf with a snowy, ivory white finish.

Make a wonderful, fancy bread. Add this to your cart.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Younkins
Awesome Breads

We live in Alaska most brand name breads are shipped in frozen, even some of the local bread is frozen thawed and put on the shelve. Having a variety of breads we can have oven fresh is simply awesome. Love Prepared Pantry

Ilia Relstab
Sour cream bread

Was good but doesn't taste like sour cream at all and turns out yellowish in color!

Johanna Brinker

Sour Cream White Gourmet Bread Mix

Janice Gunn
Absolutely the best bread mixes

I recently discovered your web site. Ordered five different mixes. Sour cream mix is the favorite so far.

Diane Honegger
Sour Cream White Gourmet Bread Machine Mix