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Butter Rum Buttermilk Pancake Syrup Mix.

SKU: PP460
  • A rich luscious syrup that your family will love
  • Amazing flavor! Your pancakes and waffles will just taste better.
  • A breakfast delicacy. Sweet and creamy!
  • Easy to make. Add butter and water, stir, and cook until the syrup turns a golden caramel color. Perfect every time.
  • Makes two cups.
  • Store the leftovers in the refrigerator. Reheat in the microwave.

    It works on everything from angel food cake to gingerbread to ice cream to French toast. It has a rich, smooth flavor laced with tones of butter rum.


    "I love these Buttermilk syrups!! The flavor is amazing & my waffles always taste better with it! I don't like the boring maple syrup anymore....buttermilk is the only syrup I like now!"  Debra L. 

    Don't miss this. Your family will love this buttermilk syrup. We guarantee it. 

    Shelf life: 24 months. Refrigerate any unused syrup and use it within two months.


    Ingredients: Sugar, dry buttermilk, corn syrup, baking soda, and natural and artificial flavors.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Big mistake

    I was confused by the name and thought I was adding pancake mix to my order, not syrup. I will not use something so full of sugar and corn syrup.

    Marie T

    I don’t care for syrup with my pancakes and decided to order this for other members of my family who may enjoy something different.
    I was pleasantly surprised when I dipped my pancake in this sauce just to try it.
    Butter, sweet, caramel all in one . Enjoyed it very much .
    Will definitely order again .

    Linda Mitchell
    Buttermilk Syrup

    I didn’t realize it was a powdered mix so I haven’t and won’t make it. And I ordered the chocolate chips and they were all melted together.

    Jessica Jennings
    Absolutely Delicious!

    This syrup doesn’t last more than one meal with our big family! This is for sure a breakfast delicacy. Sweet and creamy!

    Renee Landon
    Great syrup

    Rich in flavor we love it! My kids call it the candy syrup