• Tuscany Tomato Sandwiches and French Toast

    Tuscany Tomato Sandwiches and French Toast
    Learn how to make savory French toast and more. I’m writing this in West Yellowstone, Montana, over a hotel breakfast. It’s the end of October and it’s 12 degrees outside. Sometime this afternoon, it will get above freezing. Yellowstone National Park will close in a few days along most of the in-town businesses. Many already have. We had dinner last night in our favorite...
  • The Last Harvest of Fall

    The Last Harvest of Fall
    Look what you can make with Knobby Apple Bread Echoes from the Past When I was a child, when the first frosts of fall hit, my mother gathered up her kids, even the youngest ones, and headed for my grandmother’s orchard. The apples had to be picked before it got bitter cold. They were the last crop of the season. In my mind, I...
  • How to Make Muffins with a Pancake Mix

    How to Make Muffins with a Pancake Mix
    We have a tester, a good friend, who lives on an island off the coast of Alaska. She lives deep in the woods, in a cabin with her husband. I’ve never been there but she has sent me pictures. Gorgeous. There is a stream behind her cabin with a waterfall. There is a water line running from the top of the waterfall to the...
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