Seven Ways to Make Your French Toast Even Better

Seven Ways to Make Your French Toast Even Better

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver Feb 16, 2023

Seven Ways to Make Your French Toast Even Better

Everyone loves French toast. It’s quick and easy to make. And it’s absolutely scrumptious. It’s everyone’s favorite weekend breakfast.

But did you know that you can make it even better?

  1. Upgrade your breads. Try breads like California Raisin, Pumpkin Walnut, Knobby Apple, Cranberry Nut, and Prairie Sunflower. Homemade bread tends to be firmer and makes better French toast. We have over 50 different bread mixes for you to try.
  2. Use a firm bread. Slightly stale works. Or lightly toast your bread so it’s sturdier.
  3. Make certain that the egg mixture has soaked through the bread and cook over medium-high heat. The goal for great French toast is to cook it until it is golden brown and crispy on the outside with a creamy, custard-like center.
  4. Cooking with butter rather than oil lends flavor to your French toast. Butter burns more easily than does oil so cook at a little lower temperature and watch your butter that it does not burn. Wipe out any browned butter with a paper towel between batches.
  5. Thicker slices are more luxurious but you want the centers to be cooked and firm, not wet and mushy. Turn the heat down, not up, to get the centers cooked. It takes time for the heat to soak through the bread.
  6. Add a splash of flavor—vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, coconut. We have over 50 flavors for you to try. Then top your French Toast with toasted nuts, sliced bananas, or fresh berries.
  7. Upgrade your syrup. Grocery store syrups are typically flavored sugar syrups. Try real maple syrup or fruit syrups. We have six different fruit syrups and five different buttermilk syrup mixes.

Choose your bread here.

Choose your syrup here.

Learn about buttermilk syrup mixes here.

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  • Another alternative to cooking with oil, instead of butter is bacon grease. I often fry up some bacon prior to making my french toast or pancakes and just leave in the pan.

    Tim Danforth

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