How to Make Banana Bread French Toast

How to Make Banana Bread French Toast

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver May 27, 2023

Oh, this is so good! You just discovered how to make the most scrumptious French toast on the planet.

But first let me tell you how to doctor it up a bit, how to blow the lid off. Then I'll tell how to make it.

That syrup is not your ordinary syrup; it's buttermilk syrup. If you take all the acid out of the buttermilk--we do that for you--you're left with sweet buttermilk. It tastes like caramel syrup with a splash of butterscotch added. Incredible!

You can make the buttermilk syrup with a mix.

And the whipped cream. Try caramel whipped cream instead of vanilla. Substitute caramel flavor for the vanilla and brown sugar for the white.   

And to really take it over the top, serve it with toasted pecans. Melt a touch of butter in a skillet and then fry the pecan pieces until they start brown and you can smell the pecans toasting.

How to Make Banana Bread French Toast                                                         

First, use Cinnamon Chip Banana Bread. You need that burst of cinnamon in every bite. Get the mix. 

Make the banana bread according to package directions.  After cooling, wrap the loaf and put it in the refrigerator.  Let it chill overnight.  The cold will bring out the banana flavor and hold the bread together better with less crumbling. You'll be ready to make banana bread French toast in the morning. 

Make the banana bread just like regular French toast only don't soak the bread in the egg wash but for a moment. It's a dip and go operation. Use a wide spatula so that you support the entire slice and not let slice hang over the edge.

Except for the careful handling, it's just like making regular French toast.                                                                                                  

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