How to Make Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting

How to Make Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver Dec 21, 2023

It’s a fine line between whipped cream and whipped cream frosting. The difference is a stabilizer. We typically use meringue powder. (Meringue powder goes in royal icing to make those hard, floral patterns on wedding cakes.)

We use whipped cream frosting whenever we can. It’s lighter and not as rich as butter cream with much less fat and sugar. It’s delightful.

In the recipe below, there is 1/3 cup of meringue powder for two cups of cream. In most cases, that will hold a whipped topping for a day without melting. 

Whipped cream will not hold up to the second day. But it’s wonderful if you’re going to serve your cake on the first day.

Use heavy whipping cream. Heavier, richer whipped cream will whip better and require less stabilizer.


 chocolate cupcake

Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting with Meringue Powder




  1. Whisk the sugar, cocoa, and meringue powder together. Set it aside.
  2. Whip the cream until soft peaks form.
  3. Add the dry mixture a little at a time. Add the vanilla.
  4. Beat until stiff peaks form.


You can make whipped cream frosting with any color and flavor.

Unless you’re really pouring the meringue powder to it, don’t expect your frosting to look pretty beyond a day or so. Even if you stabilize it for longer, it tends to deflate and lose that pillowy luxury.

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