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This Week's Specials!

This Week's Specials!

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Three-Way Pannekoeken & German Pancake Mix, large 2 lb mix makes up to 81 servings, limit 1

"If you like pancakes, you'll love pannekoeken!"Three ways to make a better breakfast!German pa..

$6.99 $2.00

Holiday Sugar Cookie Mix. Frosting not Included.

These are better sugar cookies! Perfect sugar cookies for holidays and eventsThis large-size..

$4.99 $2.49

Ramstadt-Breda Rich Dark Cocoa--Lg. 16 oz.

This cocoa will make an amazing difference in your baking. Guaranteed!Up to three times the cocoa bu..

$10.99 $7.99

Skillet Cobbler Mix. Limit 1

This cobbler recipe has been around for over 100 years--so it has to be good, the ..

$4.99 $2.00

Uncle Bob's Extra Moist Brownie Mix

What makes them better? It's always the ingredients. These are not made with flour, sugar, and a ..

$4.99 $2.99

Pannekoeken Kit now with 2 free mixes, 2 syrup mixes--$23 in free mixes!

"So you want to make magnificent breakfasts even on your busiest morning?"With this pan, you can..

$47.95 $24.99

Easy Homemade Bread Mixes for Oven or Bread Machine. Limit 4 per order.

This is the best, easiest homemade bread ever!  All you add is the water.Great homemade bread ..

$3.49 $1.99

Carrot Cake (from a Vanilla Bean Baby Cakes Mix)

This cake is so good that we serve it in our store. And if it doesn't make the best carrot cake you'..

$5.99 $2.99

The Apple Master

"This really does save 2/3's your time.  We've timed it in baking classes.  Using our just..

$27.99 $22.99

(1.5 quart) Strawberry Heritage Kitchen Colander

 Get these beautiful stainless steel colanders with decorative cutouts. T..

$14.69 $10.99

Candy Apple Red Silicone Springform Pan

This red springform pan will change the way you bake.Because it doesn't leak, this will be the most ..

$24.99 $19.99

Precision Pancake and Batter Dispenser (4 cup)

You can make perfect pancakes! This pancake dispenser will save you time, batter, a..

$21.99 $14.99

Sour Cream Potato Rolls

Aunt Lois was a marvelous cook.  She and Uncle Frank lived on a cattle ranch far acros..

$4.49 $2.99

Legendary Flourless Chocolate Cake Mix. Made without flour.

You've gotta try this flourless chocolate cake!  Share it with your gluten-free friends. ..

$5.99 $2.99

Very Fudgy Baby Cake Mix

It's absolutely fascinating what you can make with this mix!"This is the best chocolate cake mix you..

$4.99 $3.99

4-Pack Classic Pannekoeken & German Pancake Mix. Limit 2.

Editor's note: Use the same mix for pannekoeken and German pancakes.  Directions are includ..

$27.95 $13.98

The Pacific Northwest Collection: Gourmet Syrups by Pioneer Valley

Please, if you want these syrups, get them now! They are not always in stock--especially the Elderbe..

$21.99 $18.99