Danish Aebleskiver (Ebleskiver) Pancake Puff Pan 7 inch Cast Iron

You can make aebleskiver a thousand ways. See the suggestions below.

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A holiday in Denmark often begins with a breakfast of puffy little pancake pastries called aebleskiver (ebleskiver).

Traditionally, they are made with an apple filling or served with applesauce (hence their name). Like other great pastries, wonderful variations have evolved. You'll love aebleskiver pancake puffs with jam fillings and cream cheese fillings.

If you can make pancakes, you can make aebleskiver with this pan.

  • Simple recipe--like pancake batter.
  • Fill with fruit or cream cheese--even meats--or serve plain.
  • Turn in the pan with toothpicks, a fork, or skewers.
  • The total cook time is only 2 1/2 minutes.
  • Great for summertime cooking--pastries without the oven.

Make aebleskiver like these and more (see the gallery of images).

  • Aelbeskiver filled with jam
  • Donut aebleskiver, with no filling
  • Corn cake aebleskiver filled with cubes of cheese
  • Blueberry aebleskiver--the blueberries are added to the batter, not filled, and then drizzled with a lemon glaze.
  • Chocolate aebleskiver--filled with chocolate kisses and drizzled with fudge ice cream topping.

You can make aebleskiver with any of our pancake mixes. Folding a whipped egg white into the batter will make them crisper, but that's not necessary. 

The corn cake aebleskiver are savory, not sweet. You can serve them with jalapeno honey or Riotous Raspberry Jam.


This little cast iron aebleskiver pan will last a lifetime.

  • Heavy cast iron will not break or warp.
  • 7-inch diameter pan.
  • Cook seven aebleskiver at a time.
  • Stovetop pastries in minutes--no need to heat the oven.

Baker's notes:

  • This pan is smaller than our other aebleskiver pans, only seven inches across, but you can still make seven at a time, and it works fine. This is a heavy, quality pan weighing just over three pounds.
  • These filled pancakes are not too sweet. With most recipes, there is little or no sugar in the batter. The filling and a dusting of powdered sugar adds enough sweetener.
  • For soft fillings such as jams, whipped toppings, and marshmallow cream, you can use a decorating set or pastry bag. Just insert a star or tube tip and press.
  • These aebleskiver can be made with pancake mixes. Instead of adding the egg called for in the directions, fold in the beaten egg whites from three large eggs.

Aebleskiver are great little Danish pastries--pancake puffs--that you can make in a few minutes on your stovetop.

From the manufacturer:  

  • First, wash your new pan using hot, soapy water.
  • Season your cast iron pan before using it by coating with vegetable oil (peanut, grapeseed or canola) over the inside surface up to the rim.
  • Place oiled pan upside down on baking sheet and bake oiled pan in the oven for approximately one hour at 350°F/175°C. Remove from oven and let cool. Wipe off excess oil. Pan is ready to use.
  • To clean use very hot water and a scrubbing brush, then dry. If you use soap you will need to re-season the pan after washing it.
  • To store spread a light coating of oil on inside surface of pan.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
L. Gildart

I really thought there was no way this pan could be any good. The price is just too amazing. But it is a solid heavy-duty cast iron pan. Really. It's small, yes. All of these pans are. And you won't do better on the price.

Richard Anderson

This is far superior to the one you seen advertised on the TV. Even though the one on TV and the stores is a complete kit.... I've seen the kit, and I am most grateful that I bought everything I needed to make the puff pancakes from The Prepared Pantry. This is a solid cast iron, not like the cheap treated cast iron in the stores. I also bought the Sugar and Flour Shaker from The Prepared Pantry, to use with this puff pan as it is also far superior. You will not go wrong with this. I LOVE IT! And I have tons of fun with it making different puff creations.

Cat Powers

I received my order on Saturday, seasoned the pan on Sunday and made my first batch of aebleskivers this morning (I bought the mix here). There was a bit of a learning curve with how much batter is the exact right amount to fill the well without overfilling (so they spill over when they start to rise) - my first batch came out looking more like mushrooms than balls (they were too fat to fit in the well when I flipped them over!) but by the 3rd batch they were coming out perfect. And they are delicious! I used the plain batter with raspberry jam, so good! I can't wait to make them again, this time with the chocolate mix!

Dagmar Merritt

I love cast iron cookware. I have many cast iron pieces and this one is an addition to the one I have. This pan comes unseasoned. But, it is very easy to season it. You just rub the pan with a thin coat of oil and heat on meduim heat until it smokes. Wipe it and add another thin coat of oil and repeat the process. I did this 3 times, right before I made my first batch of aebleskivers. I made 3 batches from my first try and they turned out perfect. Never had problem with them sticking. Love it!