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Only $2.99! Country Farm White Bread Mix. Limit 3

Great bread! Good texture and great taste!! Nice and soft! Great price!

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Can I use this mix in my 1 pound capacity or 1.5 pound capacity bread machine?

We have designed our mixes specifically for 2 lb. capacity machines. However, you may still find success with 1.5 lb. capacity machines. You may expect to see the top of the loaf touch the lid of the machine towards the end of the baking cycle. This may lead to imperfect baking in that one spot on the loaf. The rest of the loaf should be fine. For 1 lb. bread machines, we recommend only running the bread on the dough cycle and then transfer the dough to a pan for baking in a conventional oven. See packaging for more info.

Why do the directions ask me to use a thermometer?

Yeast is very sensitive to heat and other environmental factors. We have tested and designed our mixes to find the sweet spot for yeast activity to get the best rise. Even just a few degrees off on water temperature can make a big impact on the quality of your bread. Measuring the temperature of your water accurately is the best way to ensure consistently successful bread baking.

I followed the directions exactly and I see had a problem with my bread? What can I do?

Sometimes bread issues happen. We are happy to help. Send us a picture of your bread and a picture of the back packaging of your bread mix to our customer support email at Include as much detail as possible about your baking process and bread machine model so we can troubleshoot the cause of the issue.

Should I adjust my mix for high altitudes?

We don't recommend making any changes to the mix for high altitudes. We have tested our mixes in a variety of locations and have fine tuned each mix to be the best product possible.

I don't have a bread machine or a stand-type mixer. Can I still make this bread in my oven?

$2.99 $4.59you save $1.60
      • What does it taste like? It tastes like homemade bread like your grandmother made--much better than store bread.
      • What's this bread like? Well, it's a creamy-white loaf with a bronze-colored crust. Even the crust is soft, not crunchy or chewy like an artisan bread. The interior is soft and white and moist.
      • What makes it creamy-white instead of pure white? It's the touch of butter that you add.
      • How tall is it? With the right water temperature, it's six or seven inches tall in your bread machine.
      • Why is the water temperature important? The ideal temperature for yeast is 79 degrees.
      • What if I don't have a bread machine? It's easy to make in your oven.
      • It says "sweetness." Where does that come from? It's the milk. Dairy gives a sweet taste.
      • It says "no preservatives." How long will it last? Not for weeks like the store loaves loaded with preservatives.  We recommend not more than five days. If you're not going to use it all, slice it and put it in the freezer.  Thaw it in the toaster.

      This is our number-one bestselling bread


      This is bread like your grandmother used to make—tall, soft, and fluffy with just a touch of sweetness. The kids will like it better than the softest store loaf.  And it's soft without all those preservatives in store breads so you'll be happy making it for your family.  It's good for you.

      This is our most popular, most versatile white bread, suitable for sandwiches and daily bread. It's as good as homemade bread gets, and it holds together well, so it's great for sandwiches. 

      This bread was designed for a bread machine, but you can also bake it in the oven.

      How to Make Your Bread in the Oven in Three Easy Steps

      Freshly Bake White Bread

      What you'll need

        Mixing Bread Dough

        Step 1: Mix the dough

        • Empty the mix into the mixing bowl
        • Add the water (110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit)
        • Add the yeast
        • Mix for eight minutes at medium-high speed using a dough hook
        • Cover the mixing bowl with plastic wrap and let it sit for an hour in a warm place

          Bread Dough

          Step 2: Form a loaf

          • Prep your pan or baking sheet with shortening or line it with parchment paper
          • Form the dough into an oblong ball
          • Set it in/on the pan and cover it with plastic again
          • Let it rise until blisters just start to form

            let the bread rise

            Step 3: Bake

            • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
            • Take the plastic off the bread and place the pan in the oven
            • Set your timer for 25 minutes
            • Test it for doneness with your thermometer. The temperature should be 190 when you insert the thermometer probe to the center of the loaf
            • If it's not 190 degrees, bake it for another four minutes
            • Remove the bread from the pan and set it on a rack to cool


            Let the bread cool for at least ten minutes before slicing.

            baked loaf of bread

            Sandwich loaves are typically baked in a bread pan. You can also bake your bread on a greased sheet.

              What others say!

              "Wonder-ful Country Farm White Bread! I ordered this mix to replace store bought white bread. It turned out so nice & tasty! The aroma of baking bread will fill your kitchen…mmm. It was so good that I’ve since ordered six more! Love it!"  Jimmy Ferreira 

              "Quick and easy….so much better than store bought bread."  Barry Dowell 

              "Best bread on the planet! I've been buying this for what has to be close to ten years... Easy and phenomenal. I would give it ten stars if I could." Suzanne 

              "Always light and tender. I love this mix enough that I order it all the time. . . .  Try it."  Ward Starring

              "Easy and great-tasting bread, love it! I grew up eating my Mom's homemade bread and especially loved it right out of the oven, hot and steamy with fresh butter......OH YUMMM! Well, this bread comes so close it brings back all kinds of great memories. I have repeatedly purchased bread from The Prepared Pantry and will continue to do so. The bread is easy to make and tastes great. Great product, what else can you ask for?"  joseph kubena 
              This is way better than store bread. If your family is into soft white bread, this is your bread. Give it a try. We guarantee your family will love it.

              Baker's note: About the water temperature. The ideal temperature for yeast is 79 degrees. So, we developed our mixes with 80-degree water.  A 10-degree difference in water temperature affects the growth of the yeast 100%.  Please use a thermometer.

              How to Make a Great Tuna Sandwich

              Tuna sandwich on Texas toast

              Tuna Salad on Texas Toast

              Country Farm White Bread is a perfect bread for tuna sandwiches, grilled or not. This is not a grilled sandwich, though you can make it so. It's made on Texas toast.  Texas toast is simply bread toasted in a hot skillet that's smeared with a little butter.  

              Toasting it in a skillet makes the bread a little crispy and the crust a little crunchy. The bread picks up the taste of the butter. It's a delightful way to prepare homemade bread.

              About the tuna

              We prefer albacore white tuna. It's incredible, almost like eating chicken.

              Get all the oil or water out of the tuna. That's where the fishy, salty taste is. It's oily.

              When I take the lid off the tin, I turn it upside down and squeeze the lid into the can, pressing the tuna. Merri Ann dumps the tuna into a small strainer and presses the tuna with the back of a large spoon. She probably gets more oil out.

              About the tuna salad 

              For me, the basic is a good mayonnaise. Usually, that's good enough, but I'm generous with the mayo. If we have it, I use low-fat mayo or avocado mayonnaise. I often add sweet pickle relish, sometimes a little horseradish, and occasionally, sour cream. Ranch dressing is fine addition. It's fun to be creative.

              Merri Ann likes her food more seasoned than I. She will add minced onion, garlic, or chives and sometimes a little spice or chopped herbs. Chopped basil is good.

              I tend to be creative. Try chopped apples or dried cranberries. Don't get carried away with the savories. Chopped cashews are incredible. If you want a little kick, add Thai sweet chili sauce.

              Great bread, quality tuna, and a little creativity and you'll have a fabulous tuna sandwich.


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              RAYMOND KOSIROG

              Only $2.99! Country Farm White Bread Mix. Limit 3

              David Hermsmeyer
              Country Farm White Bread mix

              We have always enjoyed making the white bread. Recently, our granddaughter and grandsson have attended college and several of the mixes accompanied them to school.
              This certainly make us smlle!

              Kenneth Cox
              But awesome bread!

              Me and the wife both love that white farmhouse bread I have to order some more.

              BETTY J RILEY

              Excellent bread mix.


              Country Farm White Bread Mix