Favorite Chocolate Desserts


Legendary Flourless Chocolate Cake

This is the same as the fabulous desserts served in fine restaurants! And it really doesn’t have any flour. But it’s made a in a facility that uses flour and so there is little flour dust in the air but with no flour added. Merri Ann is gluten free and she can eat this cake.

Double Chocolate Fudgy Cookies

These are moist and chewy, almost like a brownie. They’re deep chocolate with lots of dark cocoa but sweet enough that they are rich and smooth and loaded with plenty of chocolate chips.

Cranberry Fudge Healthy Cookies

It's made with whole-grain flour, a mixture of rolled grains (including rolled oats), and our best cocoa. It's loaded with cranberries so there's less sugar. Much of the sweetness comes from the cranberries, not from sugar. And he combination of cranberries and chocolate tastes great.