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Legendary Flourless Chocolate Cake Mix

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This is like visiting a fine New York restaurant. You won't find a better flourless chocolate cake anywhere.

"It's elegant, superb, . . . and easy."  FR

"It turned out moist, dense, and rich. It was easy to make and turned out beautiful"  Victoia Deseret

"This is so moist and good. Excellent with a drizzle of raspberry sauce over warmed cake."  Mary Koselke

If your friends are coming and you've got you have to have a dessert that impresses, this is it.

Is this really flourless? It is made without flour. However, because we process other mixes with flour, trace amounts of flour are possible but not likely in this mix. If you are highly allergic to flour, we recommend that you not buy this mix.

Your family and friends will love this! They will be impressed. We guarantee it or your money back.

Make a flourless chocolate cake just like a fine New York City restaurant.



Ingredients: Granulated sugar, chocolate (sugar, chocolate liqueur, cocoa butter, butter oil, soy lecithin, and vanilla), cocoa, corn starch, natural and artificial flavor, salt, and baking powder. This product may contain traces of dairy, wheat, egg, nut and soy products.

Customer Reviews

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I have baked this in a medium sized Bundt. Each time I have served friends this cake has received rave 💯% reviews!! Delicious and easy to prep!!!!

Melody Blaser


Verlene Schmier

Gluten free very good. Thank you

Kathleen Ann Carlson

Had bought this mix awhile back, but never got around to making it. Did so yesterday, and was amazed at how GREAT this easy to make cake is! Awesome! Simple to make - just add eggs and butter. Definitely use a springform pan. I lost mine and resorted to a cake pan. I greased the pan and instead of adding flour, I added cocoa so it would look more elegant. I did sprinkle powdered sugar on top when I flipped the cake onto a serving plate. (I would also recommend using a doily underneath for a more elegant touch!) It was served with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and ice cream (chocolate/vanilla) for my sister's birthday party. Everyone LOVED it! This mix is DEFINITELY A KEEPER! THANKS Prepared Pantry! You have awesome products.

Mary Koselke

This is so moist and good. Excellent with a drizzle of raspberry sauce over warmed cake.