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Cinnamon Chip Banana Bread Mix.

This has more banana taste and cinnamon chips in every bite. It's the best.

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  • "This makes the best ever banana bread."
  • Loaded with cinnamon chips--"a burst of cinnamon in every bite"
  • The most banana-y bread
  • Makes a large 9-inch by 5-inch loaf
  • Perfect for a busy day. Only three easy steps 
  • You add only eggs, oil, and one cup of ripe bananas


This is not ordinary banana bread. It's sweet and moist, it's got more banana taste, and it's loaded with sweet cinnamon chips--better cinnamon chips than you will find in the store.

It's just better banana bread. It's fun and it's versatile. Your family will love it.  We guarantee it--money back.

Look what you can make with it!  

banana bread french toast
See how to make banana bread French toast:


banana bread strawberry cream cheese sandwiches

Whip strawberry jam with softened cream cheese.

Peanut butter and jam banana bread sandwich

Make a PB&J sandwich with banana bread

banana bread sundae

Make a banana bread sundae


See what others say!

You haven't lived until you've tried cinnamon chip banana bread.

"Best ever! This makes the best banana bread EVER. Every time I make this bread every single person that eats it tells me, Oh wow, this is SO good. I've been known to make pretty darn good banana bread in the past, from scratch. This is better and easier. Highly recommend."--Christi M

The cinnamon chips, they're a game-changer.  Plus, the extra banana flavor. Plus, the moist pound cake.

"This is a dessert bread that really surprised me! I wouldn't have thought to put cinnamon chips in banana bread, but WOW! It is truly awesome! Definitely worth trying!" --Meledie Knopf

 It's easy to make a masterpiece. You can make a cinnamon chip masterpiece.

"I'm a fan of cinnamon chip banana bread. The whole loaf seems to vanish before my eyes. I love this addictive bread. Thanks for the opportunity to share your masterpiece." -- John Siestreem

It really is addictive. 
"Best banana bread ever! So easy . .  . awesome. I bought more to make more." --Carol Fernandez

Customer Reviews

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billie ellis
Cinnamon Banana Nut Bread

When I received this email, my wife had this bread in the bread maker. I told her about this email and she told me to wait until we tried it before I respond. We both thought it was very good. We were pleasantly surprised. I will order more in the future. She said she wanted to try different recipes.


My family and friends loved it so much it disappeared in one day.

Rachel Burgin
Obsessed with this banana bread

I love this bread. The cinnamon chips are delicious and the mix is extra bananay and it’s so good

Debby Brooks
We enjoyed it so much.

My husband and I enjoyed this bread so much. It really is delicious.

gary labrie

love it