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Skillet Cobbler Mixes

Skillet Cobbler Mixes
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Ten Scrumptious Skillet Cobblers You Can Make
Use this mix to make skillet cobblers with your favorite fruits. They're fun, easy, and versatile. Choose fresh, frozen, or canned. 
  • It's a base mix--the fruit is not included. Since you can use whatever fruit is in season or in your refrigerator, you'll want to make these cobblers often.
  • This is a very easy dessert to make. It's a one-stage cake mix, Put it in a pan and sprinkle fruit or other goodies over the top. 
  • This is a very attractive mix. As it bakes, the batter rises and folds over the fruit and the fruit sinks through the batter with fruit peeking through a golden cobbler
"I've been using this mix for a couple of years now, using a variety of fresh, frozen, and canned fruit and it ALWAYS turns out great! Really easy to make, excellent results every time." --Lana Mountford
Ten Ways to Make Your Skillet Cobbler
Cherry Cheesecake Cobbler
Plum Current Cobbler
Blueberry Lemon Cobbler
Peach Pineapple Paradise Cobbler
Raspberry Peach Cobbler
Caramel Apple Cobbler
Mango Coconut Cream Cobbler
Blackberry Peach Cobbler
Caramel Pear and Walnut Cobbler
Blackberry Cream Cobbler
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Images, top to bottom:
  • Chubby Cherry Cheesecake Cobbler (Main image)
  • Peach Blackberry Cobbler ready for the oven
  • Caramel Pear and Nut Cobbler ready for the oven
  • Plum Currant Cobbler
  • Blackberry Peach Cobbler

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