How to Make Easy Skillet Cobblers with Recipe Ideas

How to Make Easy Skillet Cobblers with Recipe Ideas

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver Oct 27, 2023

Skillet cobblers are the best of two worlds: You can build it with any fruit, even a combination of fruits yet it's quick and easy because it's a mix.

Yet it's different from any other skillet cobbler:

  • The fruit goes on top. It sinks through the batter as it bakes.
  • The top is not biscuit-like. It's unique. But it's a cobbler, not a crisp.
  • It's a simple mix that goes together quickly and easily.

    peach cobbler

    How to Make Skillet Cobblers--from Our Customers

    Step 1

    Choose your fruit. A combination works fine.

    Step 2

    Mix the batter and put it into the pan.

    Step  3

    Put the fruit on top of the batter

    Step 4



    There's a hundred ways to build a skillet cobbler; we just haven't thought of them all yet.  But our customers have. Take a peek at some of theirs.

    "I create a different one every time I make one."--Jolene Callison-Weigel 

    • A Pecan Pie Cobbler. (Martha Yungk) I never would have dreamed that one. Martha used a "Pecan Pie in a Jar" and said everyone loved it.
    • A Plum Cobbler. (Laura Saunders) Laura's right, plums make great skillet cobblers. Someone brought us a bushel of plums. We had magnificent skillet cobblers--one after another after another.
    • A Fresh Berry Cobbler. (SalBug) They're wonderful. To my surprise, even strawberries work. If you have fresh berries, add any berries to a peach cobbler.
    • A Pineapple Cobbler (Lily) Her family loves it. "Who would have guessed it." Nice thinking, Lily.
    • A Raspberry Pie Filling with Almond Paste (Carol Worthy) Good job, Carol. Can I stop by your house? I would love that one.
    • An Apple Pie Filling (Carol Williams) Nice, Carol. Yep, if you want to use a canned pie filling (20 ounces), that's a super quick dessert.
    • A Blueberry Cobbler w/ a Scoop of Vanilla ice Cream (Zelma Cenell)  Ah, that should be standard fare for a cobbler. My dad used chilled cream from the cows we milked.
    • A Fresh Pear Cobbler with Cinnamon Caramel Whipped Cream (Meg M) Good thinking, Meg. The caramel whipped cream was brilliant. Pears are overlooked for baking.
    • Nectarines with Peachtree Schnapps (Kim) I bet people follow you home at night. Nectarines sound magnificent.   


    Thanks for sharing, folks. Good thinking.

    Skillet cobblers work well with fresh fruit, frozen fruit, and canned fruit.  You can also use pie fillings. Pastry fillings are generally too concentrated for cobblers.

    • Blueberry
    • Raspberry
    • Apple
    • Pineapple
    • Bavarian Cream


    There are more!


    If you want more skillet cobblers, check out the nine recipes we made.

     A peach berry skillet cobbler ready to go in the oven

    This is a peach blackberry skillet cobbler with red currant jelly ready to go in the oven.

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