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Tuscany Tomato and Herb Focaccia Bread Mix

Made with sun-dried tomatoes. Best taste.

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  • What is focaccia bread? It's an Italian flatbread that can be baked in a round or rectangular pan. It's dimpled and brushed with olive oil.
  • How do you use it? It's incredibly versatile. You can load it like a pizza, split it and make sandwiches, use it like bread sticks, or tear it apart and use it for dipping.
  • What's the main way? There is no main way. They are all popular: Put toppings on it, use it as an accompaniment to a meal with or without dipping, or make sandwiches.
  • How do you use it? I love focaccia sandwiches, but I also use focaccia as an appetizer or a snack. 
  • What do you dip it in? Anything. I most often dip it in marinara--but that's handy. Roasted garlic oil is wonderful, and so is a cheese sauce. You'll find recipes below.
  • Will my kids like it? If your kids like bread sticks or your sandwiches, they will.
  • Is it hard to make? No, it's extremely simple. Mix it in your stand-type mixer, press it into a pan, top it, and bake it. Instructions are included.
  • How long does it take? Let the bread rise until it's puffy, which will take 45 minutes to an hour. Then bake it for 15 minutes.
  • How do you top it? That's the fun part! It comes with a spice and herb packet. Mix that in a measure of olive oil. Use your fingers to dimple the bread and pour the seasoning over the bread, and then bake it.
  • How do you make a sandwich? Slice it most of the way through, use the uncut portion as a hinge, and load it up.
  • How thick is the bread? It is a flatbread—one to three inches thick, depending on the pan you use.
  • Some of the pictures look kind of artsy. What are they using for decorations? I'm more interested in eating my food than playing with it, but they're having fun—you'll see green pepper slices, tomatoes, herbs, and onions.
  • What do you top yours with? I guess I like to experiment, too. In preparing this, I found tomatoes, grated cheese, herbs, and one loaded with onions and thinly sliced potatoes. That one had a white sauce.  But most of the time, I just use the herb packet.
  • You do have fun, don't you!  Yes, I love the bread and I love making it. Most of our neighbors love it too.  It's fun to give away.
  • Tell me again, what pans do you use? I usually use a 15-inch pizza pan, but I've also used a baking sheet or even a large frying pan. I've divided the dough and made smaller breads.  

For ways to use your focaccia, see The Focaccia Library.


You can't possibly mess this up. It's very easy to make, and it's fun to get creative. You only have to let it rise once. It comes with its own Italian seasoning packet.

Add this to your cart. It's a crazy good bread. It's a fun, easy meal!
Dennis Weaver


Bring a Taste of Italy to Your Kitchen!


Here's how to make sandwiches with your focaccia!


—Featured Review—

The best! This focaccia bread is so easy to make and has the best flavor. The tomatoes really make it special. We serve it with grilled vegetables and dipping sauces and everyone loves it. It’s even great the next day. Highly recommend.--Amy

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Terrance Gainer

Just made this focaccia bread and it turned out wonderfully! My wife and I just loved it. Will definitely order again. Highly recommended!

Shad Milford
Bread used many times

Excellent as always. Bring back knobby cinnamon apple!!


I had company stop over for brunch. I made grilled cheese finger sndwiches made with the Tuscany tomato bread, Dill relish and mozzarella cheese. Now I'm A God. My guests all thought they died and went to heaven.
Next up is pizza dough with sliced feta cheese stuffed olives

Michael Ellis
I'm now addicted to their herb Focaccia bread!

I've never made Focaccia bread before, so I was a little unsure as to how well it would come out. But after making some using Prepared Pantries Herb Focaccia mix I found it not only incredibly easy, but the final results were excellent. So as the title says, I've now become addicted to their Focaccia bread and will be making another loaf this weekend.

Jean Minarik

I love this mix. Easy to make and delicious!! Everything you need in one package. Just ordered more.