The Focaccia Library (Under Construction)

The Focaccia Library (Under Construction)

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver Jun 06, 2024

Three Ways to Use Your Focaccia

It's amazing what you can do with Focaccia:

  • Focaccia as a meal or a snack. Often the bread is served with a dipping sauce--roasted garlic oil, marinara, or a cheese sauce,  Those recipes are forthcoming.
  • Focaccia with a topping. You can load it like a pizza but often focaccia is sparsely loaded with seasonings and one, two, or three additions. There is no wrong way to load a focaccia. Furthermore, focaccia can be baked in a large pan for a thin bread or a smaller pan for a thick bread. (A thick bread takes longer to bake. If  you have a probe-type thermometer, breads should be baked to 190 degrees.) We often bake our focaccia in a 14 or 15-inch pizza pan or an 11x17-inch baking sheet,  
  • Focaccia for sandwiches. Focaccia, with its seasoned bread, makes fabulous sandwiches. Split the breads, all or part way, and load it up.

It is our intention to give you a hundred ways to make a meal with your focaccia. Right now, we're about half way there. 

If you're on a budget, these are affordable meal suggestions, but that's not why we love focaccia.  Focaccia is delightful, easy, and can be made and served in so many creative ways.





Four Focaccia Mixes to Get You Going!

We have four focaccia mixes. As of this writing, all four have 100% five-star reviews.  All come with seasoning packets. Each seasoning is different giving each bread a unique taste.


focaccia sandwich

Focaccia Articles


bread salad
  • Focaccia for Soups and Salads. Focaccia has built-in flavor for croutons and the croutons are perfect for soup and for salads--think panzanella.  (Under construction)


 roasted garlic oil

For dipping and spreading:

  • Roasted Garlic Dipping Oil: This is the roasted garlic oil that fine Italian restaurants use. You don't have to use focaccia but the oil and garlic enhance focaccia.  Try it with our Italian Country Bread.
  • Maria's Favorite Marinara Recipes: Here you will find two recipes, one with fresh tomatoes and one with canned and sun dried tomatoes.  They can be used for dipping or spreading.
  • How to Make a Gouda Cheese Sauce for Dipping (Under Construction)


focaccia and pizza


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