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Sour Cream Onion Rolls (or Hamburger Buns) Gourmet Bread Machine Mix

Make loaves, rolls, or hamburger buns with this delightful mix.

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  • These are the best hamburger buns!
  • Your new favorite hamburger buns
  • "Quick and easy and oh, so tasty"
  • They bake up phenomenally. You'll love them.
  • Make loaves, sandwich rolls, or hamburger buns--even sliders


This mix makes great dinner rolls or hamburger buns.

Here's how to make fabulous homemade hamburger buns. 
Here's how to make hamburger buns or pizza on your grill.

homemade hamburger buns

hamburger buns and pizza on the grill

You'll love these soft, scrumptious rolls. Talk about versatility! They are perfect for dinner and make great hamburger buns.

Your family will love the combination of sour cream and sweet onions. They will make your dinners memorable and your barbecues extraordinary.

Impress your guests. These rolls are so soft and buttery that they melt in your mouth and are the perfect complement to your beef, potatoes, and gravy dinner. You will receive one mix in this package. You can use some of the mixes to make hamburger buns and others to make dinner rolls. Each mix is the equivalent of a large loaf of bread. Everything is included but the butter.


Customer Reviews

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The best ever

Tried them for the first time ever in the bread machine. They came out perfect and made the house smell wonderful. So easy.


Hope you and your guests really like onion because these rolls definitely taste and smell strongly of it. I do so I thought they were great... Other people in my house .. not so much. They bake up phenomenally and personally I loved it ... But it's definitely not a subtle taste.

Sour cream and onion rolls

I tried to make these from scratch. They didn't taste nearly as good as Prepared Pantry's.

Sandra Davis
My New Favorite Hamburger Bun

I made these for the first time and they turned out really good we think. I did the dough in my bread machine and proofed in my smart oven on "ferment" which is 32 degrees C, for 30 minutes, Topped with Everything Bagel Seasoning. Sesame Seeds would be great too.


This mix makes the best hamburger bun. It’s quick and easy and oh so tasty.