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Saint Croix Sourdough French Bread Machine Mix

Make this with your bread machine, stand-type mixer, or by hand.

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This is a fine European sourdough, a French sourdough!

Don't think of this as a French bread; it's a country loaf, an artisan bread from France. It's got a tang but less than a San Francisco sourdough bread. It is delightful.

Saint Gilles Croix de Vie is a resort town in the west of France. With roots back to the ninth century, this sleepy fishing village has parlayed its clear waters, sandy beaches, and mild climate into a destination of tourists. But it still has its old-world charm and great food including rustic sourdough breads. This is an authentic French sourdough bread. With a climate similar to San Francisco, Saint Croix sourdough has a tang similar to the famed breads of San Francisco but with a touch of stone-ground whole wheat flour, it is more rustic--much like a peasant sourdough with a delightfully chewy crust and a creamy, light brown interior with tiny flecks of bran.

If you are a connoisseur of fine artisan breads, you'll love this French sourdough.

This package contains:

  • One sourdough bread mix that makes a large loaf--approximately two pounds.
  • An SAF gourmet yeast packet. You add only water.
  • Directions and tips for perfect bread.

Add this to your cart and get ready for some incredible artisan sourdough bread. For a crusty bread: This artisan bread naturally forms a more chewy crust than other mixes and a "medium" crust setting will be adequate in most bread machines. To maintain a chewy crust, store your bread in a paper bag, not plastic. (In plastic, the bread sweats and softens the outer crust.)

If you like sourdough and European artisan bread, try this sourdough bread.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

Good taste and texture but did overflow in my bread maker during fermentation. Ended up baking it in the oven. Used 350F as stated on the package but should have followed my instinct and started at 450 and reduced temp after 15min.
Will give it another shot thou since it tasted great

John Giles

I’m really not good at reviewing — don’t expect me to refer to aftertastes or bouquets — but what I really do appreciate is bread with just enough taste to complement the spread or the cheese that I like with it. St.Croix Sourdough meets that request and more. It is firm, a treat to the tongue and the tummy.

Norma Solares
Saint Croix Sourdough French Bread Machine Mix

Another excellent mix from the Prepared Pantry. I made the dough in the bread machine and then baked it in the oven. The bread turned out beautiful and very tasty.

John Roberts
Great Sourdough Bread, outstanding texture!

I love all of Prepared Pantry Breads, this is one of my favorites….
Very good rise, chewy texture, and outstanding sourdough taste!

Margaret Minnick
This Is A+ Bread

This bread was my first experience with Prepared Pantry mixes and I quickly became a convert. Inn fact my son and I liked the loaf so much I immediately ordered 2 more St Croix mix packs. I used the bread machine on the basic, light crust setting and the loaf was perfect. It has. a mild sourdough flavor and holds up well as toast in addition to peanut butter sandwiches. The loaf stayed fresh for the two and a half days that it existed before being completely eaten. My son who fancies himself a connoisseur of artisan bread gave it an A+ rating. I agreed.