Dawn Foods

Professional Pineapple Pastry - Dessert - and Cupcake Filling (2 lb pkg)


Now you can make desserts and pastries like a pro!

Remember all those rows of cream filled cupcakes and pastries at your favorite bakery? This is what they use to quickly and easily fill their pastries and now you can use exactly the same filling. These are made for professional bakers so you'll make absolutely scrumptious desserts and cupcakes just like the pros. Fill pastries, cupcakes, donuts, and crepes. Make stuffed French toast. It makes a wonderful filling for layered cakes or use it as a dessert topping.

So Easy to Use!

It is so easy to use. Just clip the corner and squeeze what you need. Fold the corner, put a paper clip on it, and store the remainder in the refrigerator for up to six months. Unopened, these will last 12 months.

For just a few dollars, you can make dozens of professional cupcakes and pastries. Because this is so inexpensive and handy and because you can make so many things with it, put several in your pantry. Your family will love what you make.