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Molten Chocolate Lava Cake Mix

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  • Made with real chocolate waters
  • The molten lava is pure chocolate, not a batter
  • Chocolate is way better than batter
  • Better, finer chocolate than chocolate chips
  • Perfect, Impressive, indulgent fixes for your chocolate lovers
  • Pretty, sophisticated desserts for your friends and loved ones
  • Each mix makes six jumbo muffin-sized desserts

Most lava cakes are baked on the outside with raw dough on the inside. These are different--they are filled with the finest chocolate, and everything is baked.

They're so pretty and impressive. Your family will love them.

They're simple to make.

  1. Mix the batter.
  2. Fill a jumbo muffin tin, ramekins, or mugs partly full,
  3. Load them with chocolate wafer.
  4. Top them with the rest of the batter.
  5. Bake them according to instructions.


See more detailed instructions and information.

It's better chocolate than chocolate chips. It's smoother, a finer grind. It's what candy makers use for dipping chocolates.

These are to show off and impress your friends. Make them for your sweetheart. Make your family feel special.

Bakers notes:

  • Different bakeware may require different baking times. When removing them from the oven, lightly press down with your finger to see if the tops have set.
  • You'll need a six-cup jumbo muffin tin for these mixes or similar-sized ramekins or baking dishes.
  • Each mix makes six nice-sized cakes the size of jumbo muffins. You add the eggs and the butter. Sugar for dusting or whipped cream for topping is not included.
  • Remove the desserts from the pan within a couple minutes using a soft, silicone spatula.  If you let them cool in the pan, it will be very difficult to remove the desserts without breaking them and releasing the molten chocolate.
What others say:

"This is a great Lava cake, I had added a maraschino cherry in the center it added a kick to the chocolate."--Dan Holling

"Delicious Lava cakes. This was very good compared to other mixes that I have tried. Will buy again."--EB

"Luscious and decadent. Sinful is a better word to describe this perfect dessert."--Jamie Bowen

These are first-class desserts worthy of a five-star restaurant. Don't miss them.


Customer Reviews

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Jennie Chappuis


karen Glick

Everyone loved this dessert!!

Don Holling
Great Lava Cake

This is a great Lava cake, I had added a merasheano cherry in the center it added a kick to the chocolate .

Kim Sato
Did not bake well

I was excited to make this cake. I followed the instructions exactly but when I baked it and let it cool then unfold it, the batter ooozed all over. It didn’t cook properly. I popped it back in and cooked it, so it turned into a brownie.

Delicious lava cakes

This was very good compared to other mixes that I have tried. Will buy again.