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Meringue Powder for Frosting and Whipped Cream 4 oz

See how to make flavored whipped cream.

SKU: PP467

Would you like to make even better cakes, cookies, and desserts?

Add a little meringue powder. It's like magic!

We rarely make cupcakes, whip cream, or frost cookies without using meringue powder. It's a kitchen staple.

  • Essential for whipped cream frostings, royal icings, and buttercream frostings
  • Helps whipped cream stay perky and firm for prettier, nicer desserts
  • Makes frosted cookies with a shell icing that resists marring and are less likely to stick together
  • Economical--only one or two tablespoons per batch is needed for most recipes
  • Large 4-ounce resealable package to stay fresher

Your cupcakes are beautiful. But in a warm room, the frosting starts to droop. Most whipped frostings, including buttercream, need to be stabilized to make them more durable. Depending on how stiff you want your frosting to be, two tablespoons will usually do it. For additional stabilizer, add cream cheese, cocoa, or more meringue powder.