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Kansas City Popcorn Emporium Gourmet Popping Corn, 28 oz.

SKU: PP458
  • Perfect for candy popcorn
  • The favorite of popcorn shops
  • Pops pure white
  • Fewer hulls and bigger kernels

Make perfect popcorn with our Kansas City Popcorn Emporium Gourmet Popping Corn. Whether you're making candy popcorn or buttered popcorn, this popping corn is the best!

"Nice popcorn tastes fresh! Minimal unpopped kernels. This isn't dollar-store popcorn; this is gourmet! Buy this! I will be back for more!"  Raeleen Maurer
"I have to say I really do enjoy popcorn, and this has to be the best I've ever had. It truly rivals that big name national brand (O.R.)I would put this popcorn up against that one any day of the week. Thank you for the wonderful experience!"  Chefette


Pop bigger, fluffier popcorn.

You get 28 ounces of Kansas City Popcorn Emporium Gourmet Popping Corn.

If it's not better than any other brand, we'll give you your money back.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Alan Gardner
    Love it

    This is the only popcorn my husband will use!

    Rosemarie R Vianello

    I was kind of disappointed when we popped, thinking they were going to pop big like you see with the kettle corn. Not as crunchy, kind of chewy. the flavor is okay!



    D Diane Van Orden
    Love it

    We actually have never found anything we don't like from your Pantry.
    The popcorn is great...when you get the larger bags in, we would like to get one of them.
    Every year we get one or two things from Prepared Pantry for each of our children and their families. It's usually pancake or desert ... I found out that they bake/cook this for breakfast on Christmas morning.
    Pretty cool tradition, if you ask me.

    John Greer
    GREAT Popcorn

    Lite and Tasty