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Italian Cheese and Herb Artisan Bread Mix

Make this with your bread machine, stand-type mixer, or by hand.

SKU: M72-1

This is a really good Italian hearth bread!

Enjoy this wonderful bread with the flavor of herbs and Romano!

This is another hearth bread that you can make in your oven or in a bread machine--this time with herbs and a mild Romano flavor. Everyone loves cheesy, flavorful bread, especially in a crusty hearth bread. Your family will love this charming bread from Italy. This is a zesty bread with a touch of garlic and herbs complemented with the aroma and flavor of Romano. The crust is chewy but not heavy. If you toast it, you will find a crusty, hearty bread.

A wonderful complement for pasta dishes and makes terrific sandwiches.

For a crusty bread: This hearth bread naturally forms a more chewy crust than most other mixes and a "medium" crust setting will be right in most bread machines. To maintain a chewy crust, store your bread in a paper bag, not plastic. (In plastic, the bread sweats and softens the outer crust.)

  • This package contains one hearth bread mix. Each bread mix makes a large loaf--approximately two pounds.
  • Makes perfect bread in all popular 1 1/2 to 2-pound bread machines--or in the oven. SAF yeast packet included!
  • Directions and tips for perfect bread are included.

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stephen waguespack


Tasty bread

This is really good with herbs and cheese flavor. Used leftover for grilled cheese with provolone.

Priscilla Napolitano

haven't baked it yet

Marion Kass
HAVENT used yet

Reorganizing kitchen, haven’t used yet

Beverly Harris
Bread Making

Was so easy and liked the fact everything was included.