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Heritage Wheat Bread Mix

Make this with your bread machine, stand-type mixer, or by hand.

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What makes this classic bread better than other wheat breads

This is not your ordinary whole wheat bread, it's made with potato flour and lots of sweet milk. The potato flour gives it just a hint of rustic flavor, almost sourdough. And the milk is a sweetener--lactose--and the combination is delightful. Potato flour is hygroscopic, that is, it absorbs moisture from the air instead of drying out as wheat flour does. It stays fresher, longer. The result is a tempting loaf that is tender and moist with the nutty taste of fresh ground wheat. It's better tasting than other whole wheat breads.

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Sheila Hershberger
Very Good

heritage wheat bread mix is one of our favorite mixes, it does well if we set the machine to delay and if we start is right away.

Lynnette Gray

Heritage Wheat Bread Mix

Rebecca Harter
Superb bread

This is an excellent mix! Great taste, even rising, consistent cell structure and over lovely texture! New favorite! (And I always get the best performance in my bread machine when I heat my water to 120 deg F then add my butter in small slices to melt it - then add the yeast when the water is 100 deg F - then dissolve the yeast in the butter-water mixture before adding to the dry mix in the machine.)

Great taste and look

I made this for the first time and took it to a diner I was invited to. It was such as hit that everyone was asking me for "my recipe".

Donna Kae Hall

Heritage Wheat Bread Mix