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Donut Cinnamon Rolls Baking Mix

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  • Makes a 9 x 13-inch pan of rolls that are two to three inches high
  • Detailed instructions make it easy, even if you've never baked cinnamon rolls before
  • The soft, moist, fluffy texture
  • Proven and foolproof
  • Make them by hand or with your stand-type mixer
  • Easy frosting recipe included
  • You add only butter and water


You know those famous cinnamon rolls in the malls--well, here's how you can make your own!

Would you like to bake cinnamon rolls better than the bakery? Now you can make the best cinnamon buns with the Original Potato Donut recipe made into a mix. Your family will go nuts over them. They are lighter and fluffier than you can imagine.

"Easy and Delicious! I made them in my stand mixer, and we enjoyed them very much. Easy directions!"  Esther Hatcher 

"Softest dough and easy! I have a recipe for the mall one, but these are so easy and divine! The dough was so easy to make. The instructions are so clear. The only thing different I did, was paired it with cream cheese icing!" Christina Parker 

Get the mix! Make the lightest, fluffiest, best cinnamon buns on the planet!
See this illustrated Guide to Sweet Breads for more sweet roll pastry ideas.

Customer Reviews

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Kelly W
Came out perfect!

As someone who has used the dough hook on my mixer only 1 times prior to making these, I was surprised at how easy these came together! The dough was so easy to work with and instructions were easy to understand. I did have to bake them longer (10 min) as I was using a glass dish and I also added sour cream (about 2 tbsp) the icing because it’s was just toooooo sweet, - the sour cream cut the sweetness and tanged it up a bit.
Will definitely make these again!

Anita Rhodes

Donut Cinnamon Rolls Baking Mix


Pretty much have to order a case since I now have to make these every weekend.

Susan Keller

Love it! Thank you! We did add a little more cinnamon sugar and doubled the icing recipe 😊

Marjorie Scheppele

They were a big hit on Christmas Eve morning!