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Cinnamon Chip Breakfast Biscuit Mix (large three-pound size)

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  • What are these? They're sweetened breakfast biscuits loaded with cinnamon chips.
  • How good are they? They're really good--like a warm cinnamon roll that's simple to make.  
  • Do customers say they are good? Yep. All but one gave it a five-star rating. 
  • What happens if I use less water? Well, the softer the dough the higher they'll rise.  That's why we push them to the limit.  Maybe just barely reduce the water.
  • What do they taste like? Like your grandma's cinnamon rolls, but without the work.
  • How much work are they?  Not much. They're just biscuits.  Add water, make the biscuits, and bake.
  • What do the cinnamon chips taste like? Bright and sweet, they taste like at least part Saigon cinnamon. Love those cinnamon chips!
  • Do I have to worry about the chips melting in shipment? No. The chips are buried in the flour. That protects them.
  • Are they just for breakfast? No, they're great anytime, for breakfast or a dessert.

These are great biscuits!

They are loaded with gourmet cinnamon chips in a soft, light, sugar biscuit. You'll get a burst of cinnamon in every bite.

And they're super easy to make! Just add water and you'll have biscuits in the oven in minutes.

What else can I make with them?

These are cinnamon chip strawberry shortcakes: Cinnamon chip biscuits baked, split apart, and stuffed with strawberries and caramel whipped cream The whipped cream is made with caramel flavor instead of vanilla brown sugar instead of granulated.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sharon Harlow

Very good


Aways fast and everything accounted for.

felix laura
Not Tasty

I bought these to get over the free shipping limit, and am very disappointed.
I usually buy the cinnamon chips to make scones with, so I have the chips. These biscuits taste like bisquick mix with some cinnamon chips added in, except the base biscuit powder is not as tasty as bisquick.

I'll never buy them again, and would not recommend, buy a box of bisquick and the cinnamon chips.

Deena Booth Johnson
Love this mix

My grandkids expect these when visiting and this mix make great scones also!

Hayley Schermerhorn
Love it!

My family absolutely loves these biscuits! My husband compares them to snickerdoodle cookies, and my kids always rave about them!