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Buttermilk Pancake Mix (24 oz)

SKU: Q05-s

What makes these buttermilk pancakes so light and fluffy?

These are lighter, fluffier pancakes. What makes them so?

  • They have more buttermilk than most.
  • They rise sooner and rise more than other pancakes. The batter starts to rise right in the bowl. It looks different.

Flour is cheap but dairy isn't. But really good pancakes have lots of buttermilk. These are great buttermilk pancakes--lighter, taller, and with all that buttermilk, they just taste better.

Give them a try. If you don't think they taste better, we'll give you your money back.

Customer Reviews

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Pancake 🥞 mix

I buy this product all the time. I prefer it to store bought instant mixes. It’s price point good for what you get in quality. The only bad part is these pancake will make you fat! You can make them 24/7. I’ve been known to make a petite batch oh around 10pm or later. If I’m caught in the act then I will be making more. Can’t really do that with Egg and Oil mixes.

Sharron Riddersen
The best

Prepared pantry has the BEST mixes - The quality is there and variety. The Bread Mixes are better than anything you get in the store. Will be ordering more.

vickie cloud
prepared pantry items

i ordered several of the items from prepared pantry. i want to try some of the items i ordered and wanted to see how different things came in a very timely manner...and was packed really well. i would order from them again. it was wonderful.

Deborah F Smith
Gave this away since I didn’t read or see the ingredients

These may be good but I didn’t read the ingredients so gave it away.

Buttermilk pancake mix

Very good pancakes. You can add flavored chips or fruit to the mix for delicious variety.