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Belcolade Real Belgium Dark Cocoa

This is our best cocoa--so you can bake your best.

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  • "Tastes much better than lesser chocolate."
  • "By far the best cocoa I've ever come across."
  • Two to three times the cocoa butter of most store brands, so it's two to three times as good!"
  • Use it in everything from cakes, to brownies, to granola. It’s definitely made a difference. Highly recommended
  • Produced in Europe and imported into the US by a Spanish company for high-end restaurants and bakeries.
  • With 22 to 24% cocoa butter, this is rich and luxurient.
  • "Amazing!"


The cocoa butter makes a difference.  This is magnificent dark cocoa! Once you try it, you'll never go back! 

It's as rich and intense as Ramstadt Breda Rich Dark Cocoa, but it is very distinctive, complex, and with mellow undertones. We don't use it all the time -- it's our "go-to" special occasion cocoa -- but when we use it, it's fantastic. 

You can spend more, but you won't find better. There is a reason that the best pastry chefs, bakers, and candy makers choose this cocoa. When the cost doesn't matter, try this dark cocoa. It's that good.

chocolate cake

Look what others say!

  • "No comparison makes a big difference."  Leslie Ballard
  • "Deep, rich, and fragrant . . . everyone raves."  Jeanne Konsisky 
  • "Nothing else compares in richness and taste." Bruce W. Broecker
  • "Best dark cocoa ever--nothing else like it."  Jessica Merrifield
  • "I have bought six pounds so far . . . yummy!  Johanna Bachmann
  • "This stuff is amazing. I cannot live without it. Highly recommend this."  Sharon Meeuwsen
  • "astounded at the difference . . . so silky.  I just bought 16 pounds so I could share it with my friends and family." Jan

This is better chocolate, way better. You and your friends deserve this. Try it.

 little girl eating cookies

Look what you can make with really good cocoa. 

  • Four reasons why your homemade hot chocolate beats the store's.
  • Make your desserts better with this easy hot fudge sauce. (The brownies below are drizzled with a hot fudge sauce.)
  • Chocolate whipped cream is like ice cream without the ice. It''s cool, velvety, and luscious--a perfect topping for many of your desserts.
  • Make better brownies by customizing your recipe with these two changes.

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Customer Reviews

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Susan Gihring
Belcolade Real Belgium Dark Cocoa?

Excellent cocoa for baking. Deep, rich flavor.

No doubt Belgium Cocoa

We haven't tried the Belgium Cocoa yet,....But we'll be using it in our Holiday Recipes soon. Based upon all the products we've bought over the years, we have "no doubt" this Cocoa will be great. Never have had a product yet, that wasn't most excellent !!!

Rosalind Prescott
Best Dutch cocoa!

I love this cocoa powder! I use it in everything from cakes, to brownies, to granola. It’s definitely made a difference in my baking. I highly recommend!

Connie Grassi
High quality but not exceptional

When I opened the package I could smell the quality of the cocoa. It is high quality, but when I baked a simple chocolate zucchini muffin it didn’t taste any different than the Hershey’s special dark cocoa I normally use. This recipe specifically calls for Dutch processed cocoa so I was hoping to get a wow factor from the Belgium cocoa, but I didn’t. Perhaps this cocoa powder is best for fancy desserts because it didn’t elevate the taste of my simple muffins. I’ll use it until it’s gone but I won’t be purchasing it again especially because I can get the same flavor with a cheaper powder.


Really rich, the best!