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Save $11.00! Danish Aebleskiver Pancake Puff Cast Iron Pan with a free mix!

Save $11.00! Danish Aebleskiver Pancake Puff Cast Iron Pan with a free mix!
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It's easy to make your own aebleskiver (Danish filled pancake puffs) with this aebleskiver pan!

Aebleskiver or Danish filled pastries are easy to make in this pan.  They don't take much time and you make them on the stovetop.

A holiday in Denmark often begins with a breakfast of puffy little pancake pastries called aebleskiver (ebleskiver).   Traditionally, they are made with an apple filling or served with applesauce (hence their name).  Like other great pastries, wonderful variations have evolved.  You'll love aebleskiver pancake puffs with jam fillings and cream cheese fillings. 

Click here for more about aebleskiver pans, how to use them, and recipes.
If you can make pancakes, you can make aebleskiver with this pan.   
  • Simple recipe--like pancake batter with egg whites folded in.
  • Fill with fruit or cream cheese--even meats--or serve plain.
  • Turn in the pan with toothpicks, a fork, or skewers.
  • Total cook time is only 2 1/2 minutes.
  • Great for summertime cooking--pastries without the oven.

This quality cast iron, aebleskiver pan will last a lifetime.

  • Heavy cast iron will not break or warp. 
  • Birch finish wooden handle will not get hot and burn your hand. 
  • Steel reinforced handle will not come loose.
  • Cook seven aebleskiver at a time. 
  • Stovetop pastries in minutes--no need to heat the oven. 

Baker's notes:

These filled pancakes are not too sweet.  With most recipes there is little or no sugar in the batter.  The filling and a dusting of powdered sugar adds enough sweetener.

For soft fillings such as jams, whipped toppings, and marshmallow cream, you can use a decorating set or pastry bag.  Just insert a star or tube tip and press. 

These aebleskiver can be made with pancake mixes.  Instead of adding the egg called for in directions, fold in the beaten egg whites from three large eggs.  One of our favorite aebleskiver variations is made with gingerbread pancake mix and Gourmet Bodacious Berry Jam.

"I have 3 of your aebleskiver pans but have not made any mini pancakes.  I have, however, made corn bread in them.  We loved it.  Made nice round pieces of cornbread with lots of crust (my DHs favorite part of the cornbread)."--GS in TX

Aebleskiver are great little Danish pastries--pancake puffs--that you can make in a few minutes on your stovetop.


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