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Italian Herb Pizza Dough Mix

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  • Herby Garlic pizza dough that works perfectly with any toppings.
  • Classic chew that you would expect from a good crust.
  • Each large mix makes a 15-inch, medium-thick pizza crust or two thin crusts.
  • Authentic "old world" pizza dough with a mixture of the finest flours.
  • Makes a soft, pliable dough almost no "spring back."
  • Includes SAF yeast.
  • Quick with easy-to-follow instructions.

    You will never go back to regular pizza crust after making this Italian Herb pizza dough. Flavorful Italian herbs shine through and make a lovely addition to our already perfectly chewy classic pizza crust. The subtle garlic will complement any ingredients and will not overpower your other toppings. 

    It's almost like having garlic bread as your pizza crust, nothing beats garlic bread!


    Tips from Customers

    1. Most customers are mixing the dough in their bread machines and then baking the pizza in a hot oven. (You can also make the dough in your stand-type mixer.)
    2. Lift up the corner of your pizza to see if it is browned.--Arthur 
    3.  Pat and push the dough to get it to all corners. It's easy to even out the thickness by patting. (You can also use a pizza roller.)--Arthur
    4. Consider baking your pizza on the grill. (It's easy to bake on your grill if you have a cover with which to trap the heat. Grills tend to be hot on the bottom. Put a baking sheet under or below your pizza to insulate your pizza or direct the heat away from your pizza.)--Lynn Bennett
    5. Prepare enough toppings for two pizzas. With two mixes, make one for dinner and use the other one to make smaller pizzas. Freeze the smaller mixes.--Kim
    6. Store leftover pizza slices in the refrigerator. Instead of reheating the slices in the microwave, heat them in the air fryer. The crusts are crisp. No more soggy pizzas.--Christine Koch
    7. Use a cast iron flat skillet for a crispy crust. (A pizza crisper also works.)--
      Colleen Taylor
    8. Use these mixes to make calzones as good or better than any restaurant.--Travis
    9. The pizza roller is a game-changer for thin-crust pizzas and makes a big difference.--Tonya Cosgrove 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Cheryl Krull
    Prepared Pantry Bread Machine Mixes

    I have tried many of your bread machine mixes. All of them are outstanding - far superior to any other mixes I have tried. The variety and quality can’t be beat! Although I have my favorites, I look forward to trying many more and know I won’t be disappointed. Thank you Prepared Pantry.

    Anthony Thorpe

    This is our very favorite of Prepared Pantry’s pizza dough offerings. All 3 of the Pantry’s pizza doughs are superior to the supermarket stuff. We make it in the bread machine. Easy-peasy and sooo good!

    Tammy Armijo
    Pizza dough

    I never saw my family eat a pizza so fast! Now they do not want any other pizza!

    Marie McAllister

    It was very tasty

    Thomas Rydbom

    Excellent mix! We use it for two thin crust or one thick crust. And have also used it for a Detroit style pie.