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Professional Raspberry Pastry Filling (2 lbs)


  • A quality raspberry pastry for professional bakers and others who make pastries.
  • Concentrated and flavorful, perfect for pastries.
  • Made with fresh raspberries with little syrup for filler. 
  • Comes in a two-pound pack, approximately four cups
  • The plastic pouch is shaped like a pastry bag. Clip the corner and squeeze just as you would a pastry bag.
  • To store leftovers, fold the clipped corner over, secure it with a paper clip, and refrigerate the leftover filling. Use the leftover fillings within six months.

This is not a pie filling; it is a pastry filling. It is meant for pastries and is too concentrated for most pies.  

I love these filings - I put them in sweet rolls, layered cakes, stuffed French toast...anything, really, where I want a pop of fruit!  Kathryn McLain

 Use this pastry filling to make:

  • Filled Cupcakes
  • Sandwich Cookies
  • Fancy Cakes with Fillings and Frostings
  • Bar Cookies with Fillings
  • Stuffed French Toast with Fillings
  • Kolaches
  • Filled Sweet Rolls
  • Danish Pastries
  • Filled Donuts
  • Turnovers


Here you will find over 50 ways to use your raspberry pastry filling. (Under construction)


This is a quality professional raspberry pastry filling used in most pastry shops.  Because it is concentrated, you don't need much filling and the yield and cost per pastry are exceptional.  

If you bake cakes or pastries that use pastry fillings, try this professional raspberry pastry filling. It is exceptional



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eileen Harris

It was so wonderful to stop by and have them still let me order and pick up what I needed in the same day. Raspberry pastry filling was fantastic!

EXCELLENT Customer Service!!

I wrote the previous review about how disappointed I was to receive the wrong product. Much to my surprise and my delight, I received a very apologetic message from Jill in Prepared Pantry's Customer Service Department offering three different options to correct the situation. In today's mail, I received the raspberry pastry filling (correctly labeled) that I had originally ordered. My sincere appreciation to Jill and the company as a whole for caring about the treatment of their customers. We all make mistakes occasionally. But it's refreshing to know that in this era when customer service seems to be a lost art, there is a company that knows how to treat their customers with respect and kindness. I will be back to order again because I love the products and the company. Thank you!!

Cindy A. Neuschwanger
Wrong item shipped

I ordered one raspberry pastry filling, one strawberry pastry filling, and one lemon pastry filling. Two bags looked absolutely identical. Neither was labeled. So I opened the first, tasted it, and found out it was strawberry. I was making raspberry pastries, so I opened the second and discovered it was strawberry also. I was very disappointed that none of the three bags were identified or marked in any way. Obviously, I could recognize the lemon. All three tasted absolutely amazing. But I was disappointed that my very first order from Prepared Pantry was not correct.

Katheyn McLain
Great for baking!

I love these filings - I put them in sweet rolls, layered cakes, stuffed French toast...anything, really where I want pop of fruit!

Dennis Lennon
Not Yet.

Haven’t used the Pastry Filling , need a recipe.