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Easy Vanilla Coconut Macaroon Mix

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This is the easy way to make great coconut macaroons.

Just add water, mix, and bake.

Your friends and family will love these cookies. They are every bit as good as the bakery. You'll be amazed at how fast they disappear.

They are so easy! Add hot water, stir, let sit for ten minutes, and bake. That's it. You can use a pastry bag but the cookies in the picture were scooped with a cookie scoop.

These are thumbprints made with raspberry jam, lemon pie filling, or chocolate kisses.  The pink is made with raspberry flavor and red food coloring.
To make the thumbprints, find a kitchen utensil 1/2-inch in diameter and press it halfway through the cookies. You may need to rinse the handle occasionally.

Customer Reviews

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My family absolutely loves these! So moist and chewy

Amy Alvis
Coconut goodness!

Easy to make. Only need hot water! How great is that! Baked mine for 10 minutes. Looked a little too plain. Toasted mine under the broiler till lightly browned. Beautiful! If you like coconut at all, you should try these.

Barbara Kaplan
Tasty, but not GF

These macaroons were good, but I don't understand why the mix contains flour. No other macaroons do. That was disappointing, as my daughter-in-law has to follow a gluten-free diet. It would help if PP would show photos of the ingredient list.

Sharon Aubin
Macaroon Mix

Have not tried it yet. Appears very easy to make. May make for Easter with a jelly bean on top

Edna Algie-Hoppes
Very tasty

These cookies taste good and are very easy to make. They need to cook longer than the 12 min the recipe calls for.