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Skillet Cobbler Mix

These are creative cobblers. Create a different cobbler every time with dozens of recipe ideas!

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  • What is a skillet cobbler? It's an old-time pioneer recipe we found in Wyoming over 40 years ago.  We've tinkered with it a bit, but this is pretty much an original. It was designed to be baked in a cast iron skillet and, sometimes, a Dutch oven.
  • Can I make it in a Dutch oven today? Yes. We're located in the Rockies, in Idaho, and people buy them to bake in a Dutch oven around a campfire. That's splendid!
  • Can I make it in a skillet? Yes, in any oven-proof frying pan or baking dish.
  • What kind of fruit do I use? Anything. Read the reviews. Half the fun is creating cobblers with any fruit available. One lady said, "Who would have thought it? My family loves pineapple cobblers."
  • Usually, cobblers are made with soft fruits like cherries and peaches. Can I use apples or pears too? Yes. A walnut caramel apple cobbler is scrumptious. Pears too.
  • Can I use frozen or canned fruit? Yes. Nothing beats fresh fruit, but frozen is close. Our wintertime cobbler is made with canned peaches. Often, we'll add a couple of handfuls of frozen blueberries or raspberries.
  • It sounds like I can go crazy with my fruit choices. Are there any limitations? Not that I know. Even strawberry rhubarb works. Don't overlook fruit combinations
  • Where do I find these crazy recipes? Look for the link below. We've published nine recipes with that link. Look for the plum cobbler—it's a winner. If you want an adventure, try the mango coconut cream cobbler, a wintertime pleasure.  
  • Why do you put the fruit on top? That's cool, and the fruit sinks through the batter. Sometimes, a bit of fruit is left peeking through. No two cobblers are exactly alike. 
  • What's the deal with the jam or jelly on top? Fresh fruit is often tart and needs a little added sweetness. It is a dessert. When your grandmother bottled peaches, she always added sugar to the jars.  Adding jam or jelly adds another fruit flavor plus the sweetness. There's always another cobbler to try.
  • How do I know how much to use? Pick one of the recipes and use it as a guide.
  • Is the topping like a biscuit or a cake? It's more cake-like but lightly crusty, a sweet, sugary crust.
  • Can I top it with ice cream or whipped cream? Oh, yes, please do. Say, vanilla ice cream topped with caramel sauce. Caramel whipped cream is very good also. Make it just like vanilla ice cream, but use caramel flavor instead of vanilla and brown sugar instead of granulated sugar.

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Take a moment to read through the reviews. You'll get a sense of how much fun people have creating their own cobblers.

This is down-home comfort food at its best. And it’s so easy!  The batter rises to the top and folds over the fruit, forming a golden crust as the fruit peeks out. This creates such an attractive and comforting dessert that it will take you back to simpler times.

fruit in the orchardSee 18 cobbler suggestions. Make a different one every time.

How to Make Skillet Cobblers with These Nine Recipes 

  • Peach Pineapple Paradise Skillet Cobbler
  • Cherry Cream Cheese Skillet Cobbler
  • Plum Currant Skillet Cobbler
  • Black Raspberry Peach Skillet Cobbler
  • Caramel Pear and Walnut Skillet Cobbler
  • Blackberry Cream Skillet Cobbler
  • Blueberry Lemon with Lemon Cloud Whipped Cream Skillet Cobbler
  • Caramel Apple Skillet Cobbler
  • Mango Coconut with Coconut Whipped Cream Skillet Cobbler


How to Make More Skillet Cobblers with Recipe Ideas


peach skillet cobbler

—Featured Review—

"Best and fastest dessert ever.  We have been using the skillet cobblers for several years. They are easy to make and a delight to serve. The suggestions for fillings on the package are only the start. I create different ones every time I make one."  Jolene Callison-Weigel 

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Edward Haynes

Skillet Cobbler Mix

Lisa Oestereich
Delicious and Convenient!

My blackberry bushes have exploded this year so I've been making blackberry cobbler using this mix. It's delicious -- not too sweet, although you can sweeten it up with sugar on the fruit and even put a confectioners sugar glaze on the top. It's very handy and makes cobbler quick and easy! Can't wait to try it with the raspberries when they come in!

Linda Harrop
Skillet cobbler

Love it. I still wish you had your walk in store and sample kitchen at Rigby first locals and travelers passing through.

douglas levine
On hold

Waiting for grandkids!

cherry cobbler

it was kinda tasteless. would buy again.