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Vanilla Bean Baby Cake Mix

Includes directions for whipped cream cakes, carrot cakes, and cheesecake bars.

SKU: D35
  • Cream cake mix--"pudding in the mix"--with more substance than store mixes
  • Designed for cupcakes and for cakes.
  • Makes 20 cupcakes, a layer cake, a 9x13-inch cake, or a bundt cake
  • "This is the best vanilla cake mix available."
  • Made with real vanilla bean flecks from ground vanilla beans

It's not like store mixes. It's a cream cake mix with pudding in the mix. It's more moist and dense. It balances better with frosting. 

What you can make with this mix is absolutely fascinating! This is your adventure cake. When you want to make something different, reach for this mix

Suggestions to get you started:

    Lemon meringue Poke Cake


    carrot cake

    Where's the cake? It's in the crust!


    cheesecake bars

    What others are saying:
    "So good! Without a doubt, this is the best vanilla mix available."  robert forristall 

    "Pleasantly surprised- first time buyer and this mix is fantastic!"  Julie 

    "Excellent cake! Just baked this last night and it was so good! Didn’t even frost it but sifted a bit of powdered sugar over the top. Very moist and tasty!" Olivia H 

    You can do more with it. With a store mix, chocolate chips sink to the bottom. With a cream cake, the chips stay suspended.

    It's guaranteed better. Give it a try!


    Customer Reviews

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    Best cake ever. No need for icing.

    Cake mix

    Vanilla Bean Baby cake mix. Highly recommend this product. Delicious. I made a strawberry whipped cream cake.

    Marsha Crosby

    I have not even been able to make them yet, but you are already bothering me about a review. !!!!

    Christy Brown
    Can you say amazing?!

    I use this as a base for my banana bread. We love it in my house! Just wish I could run up to the store and buy it when I need it.