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Cinnamon Chips Extra Large 30 oz. (Nearly 2 lbs.)

If your recipe calls for cinnamon, make it better with cinnamon chips.


This product may melt due to hot weather conditions during shipping. The Prepared Pantry is not liable for melted chips. The melting point is 93 degrees.

  • What do cinnamon chips taste like? It's "a burst of cinnamon in every bite." The chips melt during baking, leaving sweet pockets of cinnamon. It's more intense than ground cinnamon.
  • Is it regular cinnamon? No, it's sweetened chips, like chocolate chips. Your regular cinnamon is probably Korintje cassia. I can taste some Saigon cinnamon in these. That's a brighter, fuller flavor.
  • What recipes do I use? Anything that does or could use ground cinnamon--pancakes, cakes, cookies, . . . .
  • How do I know how many to use? Use this chart to see how to use cinnamon chips in your favorite recipes. It will tell you how many to use in nearly any recipe.
  • When should I add them?  Right at the end of the mixing. Don't let the mixer beat up your chips.
  • What about bread? Fold them into your bread right after kneading.


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When I first tasted cinnamon chip bread, I was amazed. Now, nearly 20 years later, there's nothing you can do that will make such a difference in your cinnamon baking.  Everything you make is like a new discovery. 

cinnamon chips in snickerdoodles
Make incredible cookies by adding cinnamon chips to your favorite cookie recipe. These are snickerdoodles with cinnamon chips added.


cinnamon chip banana bread

Cinnamon Chip Banana Bread.  Use our banana bread mix or your favorite recipe.

cinnamon french toast

This is a very good stuffed french toast. It is filled with cream cheese and cinnamon chips.

See what others say.

"Awesome. These are the only cinnamon chips I use. I put them in muffins, scones, banana bread, and pancakes. They are packed with flavor. No other brand of cinnamon chips can come close to the quality of these." Linda

"I love these cinnamon chips. Delicious in w.w. cinnamon bread, cinnamon rolls, cookies, pancakes, etc. I can't cook without them.  Linda Heyrend

"I make Snickerdoodle bread, and I always use your cinnamon chips because they have the best flavor."  Melissa Martin

"I love these little gems! These are the best to put in baked goods. Pancakes come to life when you add them, as does any kind of bread.  Susan Scheetz

"Best I've found. These cinnamon chips are my favorite and the only ones I use for making my cinnamon chip scones." David Youngblood

See more reviews. See what you can make.

Because you can do so much with these chips, so many things you can make, and you'll use them so often, make them a pantry staple, something to always have on hand.

Order extra for the summer when it's too hot to ship. If you don't love them, we'll give you your money back.

Ingredients: Sugar, palm oil, cinnamon, non-fat dry milk, and soy lecithin (an emulsifier). This product contains soy, and dairy and may contain trace amounts of wheat, eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts.


Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews

Arrived in great shape, ice small cinnamon chips, as described.

Lucy C.
Love your Cinnamon Chips

I love buying these yummy cinnamon chips! They are a great addition to muffins, cookies, pancakes, breads and cakes. I always stock up on them when they go on sale!

Maria Bruno
These are the best!

I look forward to ordering these every year before the hot weather hits (so they don't melt on my porch!) My faves are cinnamon chip scones and banana bread with cinnamon chips. Yum!

Marlene Roepke

Received order in good time

The very best

These are the very best cinnamon chips I ever use since I discovered them. Thank you for providing them.