Seven Incredible Breads and What You can Do with Them

Seven Incredible Breads and What You can Do with Them

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver Jun 15, 2024

The seven breads featured here are:




Country Farm White Bread

county farm white bread

This is the soft white bread that your grandma used to make. It's a do-everything bread--toast and sandwiches, French toast and bread pudding. It's a creative bread--you can make bread sticks and dinner rolls with it. It makes perfect grilled cheese sandwiches. No wonder it's our bestselling bread.


Pan de Agua Bread

This is a Caribbean bread, multinational. It doesn't seem to change much in taste from island to island, but the shape changes from round to long. This is a grilled sandwich--pork, sautéed onions, and cheese. It's lightly sourdough flavored, like a European country bread. Grilling adds more flavor. It's often eaten for breakfast, just toasted and buttered.


Big Sky Cracked Wheat Bread

big sky cracked wheat bread

This is a fun bread. I've had cracked wheat bread with wheat pieces so hard that the bread was unpleasant. Not this bread. The wheat pieces are small and the nuggets are soft and chewy. The bread is soft and moist.  It makes great toast and great sandwiches. For good reason, it's a bestseller.


Sour Cream Onion Sandwich Rolls

These are rightfully famous as hamburger buns they also make fabulous dinner rolls.  For me, it's a roast beef, mayo, and pickle sandwich. The roast beef is sliced thin and stacked high. It'll beat any sandwich shop.


Black Russian Bread 

This is the famous deli bread used for making famous sandwiches. It is a perfect bread for a grilled Rueben sandwich and the recipe is on the Black Russian product page.  But we've had the most fun making black hamburger buns. They're very good and the talk of the backyard party.

Incidentally, the Black Russian's companion here is made with Salsa Bread.


Rosemary Focaccia 

If someone moves unto your neighborhood, take them a focaccia and a jar of homemade marinara. You'll be friends forever. Here's the recipe for marinara. My favorite sandwich for rosemary marinara is a salmon sandwich. It's the perfect thing to do without leftover fillets. Crumble the salmon into a bowl and mix it like tuna. Split a slice of bread and spread the tuna. I like a little dill relish mixed in.


Herb and Garlic Focaccia Bread

This is a favorite focaccia for sandwiches, it doesn't matter what the sandwiches are. 

This is a ham and cheese sandwich. The sandwich was assembled, stuck in a hot skillet with a lid over it until the cheese melted.  You can see the Italian seasoning--it comes with the mix. It collected in the dips on top of the bread with the olive oil. The seasoning makes any sandwich an Italian sandwich.


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