Make every sandwich a better sandwich with this checklist

Make every sandwich a better sandwich with this checklist

Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver May 31, 2024

These tuna melt sandwiches were made on Tuscany Tomato Bread with albacore tuna and cheddar cheese.  After grilling, the sandwiches were pulled apart and tomato slices added.

The tuna was mixed with a combination of mayonnaise, chopped dill pickle, and just enough ranch dressing to give the sandwich some spark.  The filling is seasoned with salt and pepper.


We've got to give credit where credit is due. Kamie in the test kitchen developed this. It works. Your sandwiches will be better with this checklist.

  1. Every sandwich deserves homemade bread. Choose the bread that's best for your sandwich. Here are five flavorful breads that make wonderful sandwiches.
  2. Salt and pepper every sandwich. You'll be amazed how much difference that will make.
  3. Add flavorful dressings. Get beyond plain mayo. Use a dressing or add a dressing to your mayonnaise.  That could be a salad dressing like Ranch or some like Thai Sweet Chili but don't overpower your sandwich.
  4. Add the right fillings, and the right amount. Again, don't overpower the sandwich. The bread and the fillings are partners.
  5. Don't be spice shy.  You can sprinkle a little of your favorite spice blend over your sandwich.  An Italian spice blend can be sprinkled over the tuna on the sandwich above.
  6. If it's not quite right, and only if it needs a little for taste and balance, splash a little vinaigrette or olive oil over the tuna above.  Don't overpower the sandwich but a touch of vinaigrette might be the perfect touch on the sandwich above. Only the creator will know for sure.


tuscany tomato bread

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