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Sweet Cinnamon Chip Bread Mix (For oven use only)

Each mix makes two large homemade breads.

SKU: B57-1

Discover this wonderful bread mix loaded with cinnamon bursts!

Here's the Cinnamon Burst Bread you have been waiting for. Your family and friends will be so impressed and nothing smells sweeter in your kitchen than the smell of fresh bread and cinnamon.

Complete instructions are included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
L setliff
No instructions!

I emptied the bag into a large bowl. Chips and yeast included but NO INSTRUCTIONS! Now what?

Robin Sinn
Best Cinnamon bread ever

Love this cinnamon bread mix. Glad it makes 2 loaves because when they come out of the oven, my family hardly lets it cool before they are slicing and eating. This also makes the best french toast and just plain cinnamon toast. Yum, Yum, Yum.

Glenn E Bell
Very good

Takes some time to get ready but the end product is excellent

Heather And Richard McCarthy
Absolutely awesome

Two loaves and so delicious!!!

Lana Day
Sweet Cinnamon Chip Bread

This is awesome!!!. Makes great french toast