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Sweet Cinnamon Chip Bread Mix (For oven use only)

Each mix makes two large homemade breads.

SKU: B57-1

Discover this wonderful bread mix loaded with cinnamon bursts!

Here's the Cinnamon Burst Bread you have been waiting for. Your family and friends will be so impressed and nothing smells sweeter in your kitchen than the smell of fresh bread and cinnamon.

Complete instructions are included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
William Grayson
sweet cinnamon chip bread

It was so delicious and actually pretty easy to make!!
Not too much cinnamon and was really good with a little cream cheese

Lori Joy
Dear Gawd! This is ridiculous….

Seriously the best sweet bread ever.

Brent Haws
Cinnamon chip bread mix

Best bread ever, especially toasted or for French toast.

Larry Morgan
I experimented and found it can possibly work in a bread machine

It may not work with all bread machines. I am still experimenting. My family likes the bread. I split everything in half except the yeast. I now add the cinnamon chips during the second kneading cycle at the time the machine indicates extras can be added. Next time I will add a little more water (1 1/4 cup instead of 1 cup).
I have to buy extra yeast.

Rebecca Thompson

Received exactly what was ordered! Haven't used any yet, waiting for the holidays!